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Be Honest About What You See Cooper And Symington
Looks like both The OrangeOrb (er, me) and the Heavy Stuff blog were wrong; Anderson Cooper has picked up on the Symington story. Actually, to be specific, the author of Heavy Stuff wrote that Cooper probably won't ask Symington who ordered him to pull that trivializing stunt with his aide in an alien suit. Good question.

While Cooper does a good job of reporting on Symington's sighting and what Symington has to say without stopping to mockery or lame little green men jokes, he didn't ask that question.

The Stories

"Be honest about what you see, get out of the way and let the story reveal itself." ~ Anderson Cooper"

When it comes to UFOs and related experiences (Forteana, etc) this is the starting point for all of us. For many of us it is all we have. It's all I have, regarding my own experiences. I don't have bits of a spaceship, a photograph of an alien (assuming those two things were ever part of the events -- who can say?) I don't have "proof." (See Stanton Friedman's articles in the March issues of UFO Magazine and MUFON Journal for his perspective on the demands for proof.)

The more conservative skeptics, who are perennially affronted at the likes of us, basically tell us to just shut up. They have many tactics for doing this, including trotting out the more garish and embarrassing characters in UFOlogy as proof the whole thing is nonsense. They've set up a closed system: anecdotal evidence isn't evidence at all, therefore unless you have bits of a spaceship from Mars, go away.

So while the anti-UFOists, the chronic skeptics, debunkers and the like continue to mock and chide, the rest of us are left with our experiences. Getting no help from them (quite the opposite much of the time) we're left with a hodge podge of UFO witnesses. Some have mind up their minds, sure, and that's not good. Some believe they're been in contact with extraterrestrials, and maybe they have. Maybe the beings have told them as much. That doesn't mean they're telling the truth: they could be anything from a mind control black op Dr. Evil government experiment to inner earth entities. Whatever they are, those of us who've experienced weird things are trying to figure it out. And all around us are people who feel they have some sort of intellectual -- moral, even -- imperative to insult, mock and harass. Or we have institutionalized science telling us, from afar, what it is we experienced.

The majority of the time, all we have is anecdotal evidence. Intuition. Imagination. Our own inner dance. Perceptions. And while I'm not so naive -- nor ignorant -- to think institutionalized science should suddenly get happy and embrace these feel good concepts, it wouldn't hurt for the individual humans involved in these projects to check in with themselves from time to time.

UFO witnesses, experiencers of the weird in general, need to tell their stories, and their stories need to be listened to without rancor or ridicule.


Lesley, of Debris Field, has written her new column for Binnall of America will be on the Phoenix Lights/Symington revealation, but it wasn't up last time I checked. Keep checking BOA though.


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