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Its Never Too Late An Answer From Beyond The Grave



Everyone has their own interpretation of what a ghost is and some question whether they actually exist at all. Some people spend their lives studying the subject - looking for answers to questions which just keep on multiplying the deeper you search for the truth.

Even when we are convinced we have seen a ghost, or witnessed some form of paranormal event, we still remain plagued with an element of doubt; 'Did we actually witness what our eyes told us we did?' Our brain insisting that we have been tricked by our imagination. Or maybe we desire to see this magical event so much, we allow ourselves to become deceived by our own passionate belief, and block out all 'logical' explanations.

Even the most serious paranormal researcher (if he/she is honest) cannot help being heavily influenced by other people's accounts, theories and recollections of their own personal encounters. It is a well known and proven fact that two people may 'claim' to have witnessed a ghost sighting, yet their description will undoubtedly vary in some way when asked to explain the event. We have to accept that everyone, without exception, has a unique perception of what they encounter, be it a paranormal event, or a simple every day occurrence. This is further complicated when you add the reaction of the person listening to the recollection of the accounts. Depending on their belief of paranormal events the person listening and asking the questions will be subconsciously swayed one way or another. They will judge what they hear in a biased way, regardless of how strongly they deny it and proclaim their open-mindedness.

By now, the reader is probably wondering where this is heading, or indeed, what is the point of writing such a piece. I will now attempt to answer this question.

For almost thirty years, I have had a consuming interest in all things paranormal and searched in vain for answers and explanations which would satisfy 'me'. None have been forthcoming. I have even been arrogant enough to write articles proposing possible theories and solutions, based on no more than other people's experiences and in many cases pain-staking research. However, in recent months, due to personal circumstances, I don't wish to go into too deeply, I have discovered that my thirty-year quest has, to a large degree been nothing short of a waste of time.

What is about to follow is my brief description of a personal experience I encountered recently. To the reader it may seem insignificant and certainly no different to any other similar personal testimony. However, it has been solely responsible for changing my entire perspective, not only on the existence of the paranormal, but understanding life and its purpose in general.

Since this experience, my mind has been consumed with trying to come to terms with the impact it has had on my life. I have been unable to write because I was convinced to carry on writing the way I have in the past would not only be deceiving and fruitless to me, it would be equally deceiving to any subsequent readers. Therefore, I feel the passionate need to set the record straight by submitting my experience for public scrutiny, only then will I be able to resume writing my articles with less arrogance and more understanding of the paranormal with all its profound complexities and impact it has on people's lives.

For a number of years I have suffered from declining health. In recent months the decline has become more rapid and I find myself almost completely bed ridden and relying on various forms of medication. There have been times when I have been tempted to resign myself to fate and give in. It was during one such moment of weakness when my experience occurred.

Whilst resting in bed one evening in a semi-conscious state, I found myself staring at the window. The blackness of the night outside contrasting with the harsh electric light in my bedroom, caused a perfect mirror effect on the glass, giving me a clear reflection of my room and myself laying in bed.

Something on the glass caught my eye. At first, I paid it little attention. I was heavily sedated by painkillers and assumed the small patch of mist was no more than smoke outside, drifting past my window on the cold night breeze. However, after several minutes, the mist was still there, and by now forming into the shape of a human head. I continued to stare in its direction; strangely, it didn't cause me the slightest anxiety. In truth, the opposite was true. I began to feel not only calmer than before it first appeared, but also free from the pain I had been in.

Slowly the mist continued to transform, and was by now recognisable as the shape of a man's head. Its location on the glass gave me the impression it was directly above my own head and looking down at me, from maybe 12-18 inches above me. I raised my gaze upwards, expecting to look into the face of whoever or whatever had decided to manifest before me. There was nothing there, only the ceiling.

When I returned my gaze back to the window, I felt an excitement stronger than any previously experienced in my entire life. Not only had the man's head developed recognisable features, it was an unmistakable reflection of my grandfather. The fact that my grandfather died in 1969 seemed irrelevant as I lay there captivated in sheer joy...a sense which has stayed with me ever since I hasten to add.

The man I had respected and loved so much as a child was looking down at me and smiling, rekindling all the happy memories I had savoured since I last saw him all those years ago.

To attempt to describe my feelings and emotions I felt at that moment and every day since would be pointless and inadequate. Suffice it to say, my thirty-year quest for answers was over in that instant. I was witnessing the absolute answer to all the questions I could possibly ask. My grandfather was proving to me that survival beyond this mortal realm does exist, and far, far greater things wait for us beyond our earthly life.

He spoke no words, yet his message came clear. When the time is right we emerge from mortal life, like a newborn child from its mothers womb, and only then, when it has been divinely decided, can we progress and continue our cycle of development.

Our life on earth is a time to gain the knowledge, understanding and sense of humanity to allow us to appreciate the spiritual world awaiting us, along with all those loved ones we thought we would never see again.

I can now resume my writing with the clear knowledge that fate has no dark, hidden corners which can scare me. I can, at last, write with honesty and a clearer understanding. The paranormal, for me, at least, has suddenly become normal, and I now embrace the prospect of displaying this in my subsequent writing.

May I conclude by thanking anyone who has read this piece for indulging me and allowing me to get this off my chest. I would also like to thank World Mysteries and True Ghost Tales, and its administrators for providing such a wonderful theatre to share my experience.

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