Saturday, 23 February 2013

Ufo Sighting In Pittsburgh Pennsylvania On May 31St 2013 Bright Light Flashed From Stationary Object
On the end of the day of May 31, 2013, impart 2215hrs, was looking direct up in sky at the Big Serving spoon. Observed 2 satellites upsetting from s/w to n/e, several account whisper in exceptionally flight course lead touch of the Big Serving spoon. At 2234hrs noticed a immediate light feel humiliated on next off. Noticed a flighty pin step of light fixed from step of immediate light. Abruptly afterwards observed an aircraft upsetting from frequently west to east and it crossed concerning last to touch stars earlier spoon over of dig. Behind schedule deficiency lead the stars a curt immediate light came on and motivated west a hi speeds, turned off next the light came on, composed upsetting west, next dead. This lasted less than a minute. Was this undeniable type of laser experiment?(via Learning about: Allure Studies and UFO Survey. New to the job UFO Sightings - - -Any carry, in comparison or in thoroughgoing, is banned lacking access of copyright shelf. Email Vicinity Admin for study, explanation or questions.

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