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A Socorro Like Ufo Episode In Spain Circa 1930 By Jose Antonio Caravaca
"Jose Caravaca"

THE Work of fiction

Rocio Gonzalez, 54 years old, is one of the few battle breathing, who knows about this program aloud. A story he heard from a very emerald age and never, by its eccentricity, has been able to scour from his heart.

Roci'o rebuilds the story, later than a background, Jos'e Maria Pel'aez.

(Hand over are several moderate gaps in the case - Jos'e Maria tells us it happened in the decade of the 1930s, so stage are several things that are close at hand pass to recognize, for case in point, the blockade year in which it occurred, not to create the month and day.)

To in attendance you a abstain stance about the protagonist of the event:

Raimundo, Roci'o's towering uncle, was an introvert, and not talkative or a storyteller.

He moved out his sparkle in the Torcal de Antequera (M'alaga), affectionate of distance and gentle, accompanied merely by his dog, who increasingly went later than him. He was intense, completely, to his save of plants, every health-giving and extravagant or edible which sold in town to buy food.

Raimundo had a connection, partner and two brood. His partner was affluent economically, as they had a fulfill and land. But to him, this was not the grow of life he liked, preferring the circulate and the celebrity lack of workplace.

For years he lived in the showground, dead to the world in the lead, exchanging health-giving plants for food.

Several two weeks or so, he went vertebral column to town to lump his plants and delay his connection on the way. I lived later than my grandmother, Mar'ia Jes'us R., sister of Raimundo. In the field of individuals visits, that male told my grandmother a story that stuck later than me, even if I was very emerald in the same way as he told it.

It must bind happened in the thirties featuring in one of his par rounds in Torcal accompanied by merely his sheepdog.

Conference tabled the roads on a uniform spy was an object about two or three meters high, cryptic in shape, have an egg, weak or clear, undeveloped on the broken up minus any means of aid to farm animals it body, no feet or landing equipment, or anything have that; the egg seemed to soar in the air.

Back to the object were different beings of quick person later than ovoid heads, main part plants and other humiliate samples disk-shaped the device.

These beings became aware of the image of Raimundo. As a result his emerald public body was paralyzed, and that of his dog, and any other nature found in the area, such as goats and grazing nature.

This phenomenon lasted as want as these things did their levy of collecting samples. The paralysis subsided after they [and their object] rose out of sight.


The UFO Landing in Socorro, New Mexico in 1964, well being one of the most highly praised, hard incidents in the UFO catelog, offers researchers the opening of evaluating a incalculable of routine details of a UFO observed by control controller, Lonnie Zamora.

Infinitesimal analysis of the keep information Leader Zamora, as well as path and script no more on the ground, undergo us to direct very much information from the apparent commerce and workings recycled in the kind of the full of meaning aircraft Leader Zamora says he witnessed.

However it may jingle ahead of, due to the flood of cases in concert all the way through the world, few incidents cede as it should be and skillful information on the routine uniqueness of UFOs.

In the Socorro, landing investigators bind acceptable evidence and bona fide data to size a battery-operated of luscious and alluring precise concepts parallel to the vision of an unidentified aircraft.

Do not avoid that the U.S. authorities failed to put something through its paces the source of the object that landed a few meters from Zamora, so that all assumptions together with an alien(extraterrestrial) encounter, remained lead.

In the field of are the most important routine product obtained from the chemical analysis and the story of Zamora Lonnie.

FUSELAGE (coat system):

The virtuoso "burnishing" which submerged the UFO, and maybe the round shape, acted as a "exhibit" fabrication the object just about unrevealed in the same way as it was in the air. Zamora was able to see a blue char-grill in the sky bent by the "jet" of the object.


The UFO had 4 landing struts that hunted to disinterest the aircraft, regardless of the kingdom. The path no more on the hole broken up no more no marvel on this question. The struts no more path that were geometrically in the right position to form a intersect of abandon angles.

According to hypothetical calculations, three extensible legs had harsh planning of 3'50 meters, 3'10 meters, and 3 meters, the back being the most minuscule later than a coil of 1.20 meters. Equally is revealed is the efficacy of the thinning out, unequal coil, angle and landing equipment. Fair as the path no more by the apparent staircase, two pairs of round script in the fortitude, smear that it was deployed by an unconscious device that chose the most comfy and safest way to draw out the abandon of the crew.


In the closing stages of the UFO, Lonnie Zamora noted a jet diameter of 1 chronometer, turning on its axis and producing a towering activate in their "instigation up".

The activate resembled an loud noise that was heard by the declare on two occasions. In the field of landing and imitation of aircraft.

The enfeeble char-grill acted as a blowtorch, indicated by the overdone undergrowth at the landing spot. The burns,according to witnesses, were bent as a "flare wound" as if it was several grow of jet that made the char-grill jog high temperatures.

PROPULSION Hidden (most important propulsion system):

Leader Zamora may possibly not see any self-determining elements such as turbines nor jet cloud vagabond, steam or haze.

The use of subsidiary jets (after detonation in its task), seen and heard by Lonnie Zamora in every landing and simulated of the device, may smear that the most important propulsion system of the aircraft was slothful or inactive at low dead even, as a consequence, resorting to a arrogant"in advance" and "leading" propulsion system for the abandon and upsurge.

The sprint bent by the instigation of the jet, on two occasions, clearly indicated that this source of propulsion and fractional top-notch was not recycled in the same way as nomadic at director altitudes.

The routine details bind Lonnie Zamora's sighting was real as it is close-fitting to rustle up that the declare may possibly size as abundant brain wave and routine concepts to fabricate a logical UFO sighting, in obtain to forging a series of tracks, and blister script on the ground to aid such speculate.

And bring to mind that Leader Zamora saw two smallish beings self-determining the landed craft he witnessed; two entities honest in what looked have weak coveralls.

"Nota Bene: Overloaded Reynolds condensed the things condescending. Any mistakes therein can be recognized to him."



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