Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Aliens They Dont Want Anything To Do With Us Says Dan Aykroyd
HUMANS Immoral, Uncivilized - DAN AYKROYD



Performer Dan Aykroyd is reliable alien life forms hot air to fabricate contact next the human shake having the status of we are seen as a "forceful, adverse, sickening kind".

"The Blues Brothers" star is a meticulous believer of extraterrestrial sightings and is hardhearted he has encountered UFOs on several occasions in the US.

He equal insists he saw two shielding objects in the sky as the horrors of the 2001 attack on the World Appointment Interior in New York were telling, and believes that sighting gives a refer to as to why aliens stand not made contact next humans.

Aykroyd tells "The Sunday Time Publication", "[Its] having the status of we are a forceful kind. They dont propose what on earth to do next us. They watch us.

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