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Leprechauns Humanoids And Dark Plasma
After one the end of the day in January 1931, 24-years old farmhand Helge Eriksson had an grasp that he would never wish for. He worked on a plant called Dannebo, not far from Esl"ov, in the Swedish control of Skane. It is a clear and lovely winter the end of the day being he decides to visit a assort on a house completion. They mass for a glitch of hours and as well as Helge starts his way mansion globular 10 P.M. Not far from Dannebo he is confronted by an very odd sight. In 1973 my AFU collegue, Anders Liljegren, did a beckon cross-examination along with Helge and usual the ensuing narrative:

"I was in front of to the work anyplace I worked being I noticed 10-12 very barely men future. They were at a detach of globular 50 meters being I discovered them and they came in my keep under control at a quick-thinking pace. They were so barely, they reached minimally to my round, and I commit to memory this charming sight terrible me."

The men list by Helge minimally a few meters to the side and in the quick-witted moonlight he gets a in a good way thought of their jingle and dress in. The barely entities are appearing in dour basic clothing along with caps. To Helge their dress in emerge to be prepared in one obstruct. All the men wear a coat but their heads are strangely magnificent compared to their bodies. Facial tenure is hardly and unyielding. From the group comes a strong sense which was felt a hanker time afterwards.

The men sound to be breathe of Helge's phantom but they sustain no scrutiny of him short-lived by, walking in an to hand military enthusiasm on the frosen ground. The resemblance of their footpath is convincingly heard and the squad own out on a completion obedience. Looking out on the obedience Helge observes a "charming, blue lavender light, unrevealed in definite categorize of fog". The light is so weighty that he has never seen no matter what match it. Gruffly grant is a whining resemblance in the air and the absolute sight is history.

Helge explains to Anders Liljegren that he has wondered a lot about this meeting and extremely told definite links of what happened. A few person him, other doubt his story: "I met them myself, I heard the footpath, saw their eyes and faces, felt the sense... I squeeze never chic no matter what match this in the role of and being it happened I was nicely breathe... These were no public population I met, they could do with squeeze been from spanking world."

Helge Eriksson interviewed in Eskilstuna-Kuriren December 27, 1977

At the back of Anders Liljegren's cross-examination Helge was contacted by an assortment of newspapers and ufologists. He was patently bombastic by the as well as well-known thought that this could do with be space population. Extraterrestrial group was the customary comment for these typ of sightings far modish the 1970s. This is very plain in a memo written by Helge Eriksson to UFO-Sweden definite time next. Possibly he had been selected of this theory by the ufologists who contacted him. He writes in this letter: "In January 1931 I had a charming meeting along with space population whom I each one heard and observed... My first consciousness was that this could do with be population from spanking planet". This is patently a justification. It is greatly beyond that a wet behind the ears farmhand in 1930s Sweden would part such an grasp along with space population. Their is no explanation of extraterrestrial group in Anders Liljegren's cross-examination nor in the first narrative written by Helge in the Swedish magazine "Saxons veckotidning" 1974.

In his mega book "Bes"okare fran kosmos" ("Theater group From Manufacture"), Swedish ufologist Mr. Boris Jungkvist clarification on this case in evocative ET fashion: "No matter which indicates that he has witnessed a perpetual UFO landing. Possibly this was the first UFO landing case and observation of humanoids in current get older in Sweden." Boris Jungkvist was a burly exponent of the ETI infer, heavely influenced by the imposing old man of Swedish ufology, APRO representative Mr. K. G"osta Rehn. He was the Keyhoe of Sweden, advocating the extraterrestrial theory in his four books in the 1960s and 70s. As a hardline nonbeliever and materialist Rehn regarded the theories of John Keel and Jacques Vallee as "a agonizing shade alley". He fought furiously against no matter what that can be regarded as occultism in ufology. The ETI theory was the minimally mechanically sufferable.

K. G"osta Rehn

Self knock down the narrative of Helge Eriksson and moderately aquainted along with folklore could do with scrutiny the similarities to the tons stories of leprechauns. This was what Jacques Vallee discovered in the 1960s which resulted in his perpetual "Passport to Magonia" (1969). To exponents of the psychosocial theory Helge's grasp is an mock-up of a culturally persistent vision or dream. But Vallee was extremely a novice of the solid and obscure ethnicity and his comment went in spanking direction: "I person that the UFO phenomenon represents evidence for other level over and done spacetime; the UFOs may not pick up from public space, but from a multiverse which is all globular us, and of which we squeeze defiantly refused to keep up the upsetting reality in bitterness of the evidence aviable to us for centuries. Such a theory is compelled in focus to outline each one the current cases and the chronicles of Magonia - the abductions and the parapsychologist thing." (Form. A Casebook of Far-off Method of obtaining something, p. 284).

On the internet I exactly found an scandalous nuance of the multiverse theory calculated by Jay Alfred, an withdraw learned and psychiatric therapist to Arkansas Fascination and Unusual Studies Side (ARPAST). He is extremely research over of Darkness Plasma Manufacture Learning Class. Jay Alfred writes: "Darkness Plasma Notion explains a far-reaching cause somebody to of phenomena ally along with perfectly sightings of aliens, ghosts, deities, jinns and angels by each one group and groups - passing through an internally equal practical casing. These sightings inform on the phantom of plasma-based life forms originating from a on a par sister Alight gravitationally tied to the clear Alight."

The dour plasma theory is in simple terms the obscure do knowledge offered in a obstinate stipulations. It has notably in general along with theosophist Charles Leadbeater's classification of the live in of the "multiverse": human, non-human and fantastic, offered in his perpetual "The Astral Plane" (1895). Later Helge Eriksson we stand a in a good way favor, according to Leadbeater, of encountering a far-reaching cause somebody to of entities, not all cordial. I pick up to person of the suggestive last expose of John Keel's "Unreasonable Creatures From Daylight hours and Clean": "Picture - or take the wind out of your sails - order pick up to you from spanking keep under control. Impending week, afterward month, or afterward rendezvous you may be tedious eat a unhappy country manner late at night and as you round a focus you order hastily see..."

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