Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Massive White Glowing Blimp Shaped Ufo Over El Paso Texas
Date: 1990'sTime: N/A. "VIKE Element NOTE:" The greatest tribulation it was me who saw everything close by, but it was get down else filing a report to me. Hi, my manage is (manage removed) from Aurora, Colorado and I was intrigued in what you saw in El Paso, Texas on the subject of the inopportune 1990's. I'm from El Paso and I lived on the northeast side. At the time you and I saw the UFO I was on the subject of 9 existence old. The way I saw the UFO at that time it looked make happy a huge white colorful dirigible. I cant never fail to notice what I saw, I reminisce stopping our football wager to be in awe of what my links and I were seeing, it was unthinkable. If you grip seen anything make happy this in the especially area gist be line lots to contact Brian Vike at: not later than the details of your sighting. All original information is reticent limited. The Vike Element (Brian Vike) website:


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