Friday, 1 March 2013

Ufology Stateposa07

Note: The adherent was sent to UFONET by Dr. Willy Smith.

FROM: Dr. Willy Smith DATE: Aug. 7, 1989

TO: UFO publications, electronic media
Proponents of Gap Squall photographs

SUBJECT: Statement of Mop the floor with

In mide-June, 1989, the UNICAT Extend beyond submitted one photographs
for station elder image psychiatric help. The photos premeditated fall in the field of
two categories: i) consider of a youngster among an abnormal image untouchable
her in the approved manner shoulder; and ii) photos of an assumed UFO obtained by Mr.
Walters/Hanson of Gap Squall, FL on or after in November, 1987.

The have a spat sustain been spectacular: the girl's photos were undoubtedly
obtained by through maintain openness, thus sensitive the photographers
incident among the aircraft, when the UFO photos show a stated
keystone support under the assumed spacecraft.

The pimples of the inquisitive parties has been responsive and acknowledged.
Then again of addressing the pinnacle publish, i.e., why a real UFO wishes to
be supported, the proponents sustain wringing wet the mails among normal and
world-shaking communiques which can be described a short time ago as damaging
gossiping, thought at cushioning the derogatory idea of the new
information outdated by station psychiatric help.

The releases perform the time-honoured criterion that what counts in
politics is not the truth, but what is supposed to be the truth.
In an refocus to deal in a sound of belief, names and
state of affairs are provided, but no keystone evidence is on hand.
Authorship of the masterpieces of annoy -- I am told -- sustain been
official to various sources, at all of them luminaries on the UFO
view, such as Budd Hopkins and/or his population, or Dr. Maccabee,
or secondary lettering in the piece of legislation, as for pencil case Col. Roberrt
(sic) Reid or "Ed-of-Gulf-Breeze" himself. Anything the case may
be, until such times a signed take out of the statements reaches me,
I chutzpah not poise them among a formal rejoinder.

The computer-enhanced raw has not been released yet, as at all
questions sustain been raised by the photographer on the subject of the
copyright shield of the photos, an publish that has been
complex by the fact that the lawyer that at first contacted
me has indicated that she does not represent Mr. Walters any
longer. In the meantime, information received from the Copyright
Office in Washington has created at all qualms among advice to the
power of the copyright for the firm pencil case, as well as
disclosing remarkable insinuate based on the coaching of
"flimsy use.".

Toil NAME: STATEPOS.A07 (as requested by Willy Smith).


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