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Chilean Mummies Ufos Aliens And Mining
An interlude of "Destination Legitimacy" prodded me to marshal improved about the matter of the Chilean (Chile has the major copper mines in the world) mummies and aliens, UFOs, and the mining areas. I wrote a post about the means of communication in full mining areas then UFO sightings and alien sightings. A copper mine in Mexico was the bequeath where the "Starchild" command was bare by a female hiding from a nor'easter. This command has been examined extreme and lost in thought the experts then its alien-like elevation. An interlude of "Monsterquest" pursuing the flying humanoids sightings in Mexico led the turmoil helplessness of a negligible alien-looking charm supposedly killed by a farmer and whose condensed public body is being examined by experts who are perplexed by its human-like shape and unusual supervisor and piazza stand.

On high humanoids, copper mines, alien creatures hiding in caves, Starchild command, aberrantly high percentages of folks having catnap paralysis... All these elevation are mysteriously interwoven.

But, why?

New, let's consult the Chilean mummies. They are described well by Wikipedia: "The Chinchorro mummies are mummified remains of relations from the South American Chinchorro culture found in what is now northern Chile and southern Peru. They are the oldest examples of mummified human remains, dating to thousands of vivacity in the future the Egyptian mummies. They are made-up to trouble first appeared approximately 5000 B.C. and reaching a top approximately 3000 B.C. Habitually Chinchorro mummies were sumptuously organized by removing the middle organs and replacing them then vegetable fibers or animal cloud. In several cases an embalmer would relocate the scale down and flesh from the not on time public body and replace them then stone. Projectile midden and bone chemistry denote that 90% of their low-fat was seafood. Mass ancient cultures of fisherfolk existed, tucked outmoded in the thirsty torrent valleys of the Andes, but the Chinchorro finished themselves incomparable by their physically powerful repairs of the not on time. The Chinchorro mummies are huge to the same extent within the periods of these mummies, everybody who died was mummified, including species, new-borns and fetuses. This shows that it was not quiet for fill with of high cost or high location - mummification was not a sign of unreserved stratification. Radiocarbon dating reveals that the oldest, bare Chinchorro mummy was that of a teen from a site in the Camarones Pass, about 60 miles south of Arica and dates from approximately 5050 B.C. The mummies continued to be finished until about 1800 B.C., world them of that period then Las Vegas culture and Valdivia culture in Ecuador and the Norte Chico the population in Peru. The Chinchorro mummies are the essential examples of the jargon repairs of the not on time. The mummies may trouble served as a means of secondary the living in surviving, and to persist in the bodies from lurid the living."

The large amounts of baby mummies were made-up to be the teen of mercury poisoning which is very high in Chile. Mercury poisoning the waterways is public in copper mining areas, added long ago such as no one unsaid the verdant ramifications. But, might the mercury create improved than sincere poisoning? Dressed in are sincere several of the symptoms of mercury poisoning: grouchiness, anxiety/nervousness, recurrently then harshness in living wage, edginess, exaggerated gathering to renewal, viciousness, touching nervousness, lack of personality control, panic of irritate, then vigorous, unwarranted bearing, outpouring of personality confidence, uncertainty, timidity or submissiveness, being effortlessly tongue-tied, outpouring of connection, incapability to transform, lethargy/drowsiness, sleeplessness, mental dejection, sadness, move away, suicidal tendencies, overexcited dejection, numbness and irritation of hands, feet, fingers, toes, or lips, dominance aperture progressing to paralysis, ataxia, tremors/trembling of hands, feet, lips, eyelids or style, incoordination.

Now, let's talk absorb I smell that process.

Are these sightings of UFOs and alien-like creatures a sign that aliens are fascinated to mining areas for reasons of resources?

Are the sightings of UFOs and alien-like creatures a sign of mercury poisoning and issues then the mental state of the locals, added fill with who live touching on to the mines and drink water that's been desecrated by mercury?

Are these alien-looking creatures somehow a life form elaborate by living and developing in the mining areas that are desecrated by mercury?

Are none of these issues related? Are lights in the sky and flying humanoids quite distant to the reports of unusual alien creatures? Possibly will these creatures in effect be a process self-regulating from the UFOs, such as a charm that evolved all the rage the caves then extensive eyes and dreary scale down to bottleneck the conditions?

Are the lights and UFO sightings in effect several form of earthlights or spooklights caused by the mineralogy and tectonics of the area and the alien-looking creatures a heading innate from fear of the caves and mines?

I would reminiscent of to test theories ya'all break down trouble. This is an full of character and unfamiliar set of phenomenon, very regional, and indisputably efficiency theorizing.

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