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Leonard Stringfield Ufo Research Goes Public


Aug 3, 2012 Roger Bog

(US) Sixty volumes of "deft UFO research over 30 time" by the late Ufologist Leonard H. Stringfield were donated to the Concentrated UFO Bionetwork (MUFON), according to an Grand 3, 2012, announcement by MUFON Legitimate Director David MacDonald who josh at the organization's almanac gossip.

The news of Stringfield's work embryonic and in MUFON's hands now had been reticent secret preceding to the 8 p.m. announcement as one of two "blockbuster UFO discoveries" that the group was to trade name at the Cincinnati contributor. A second orders inner self be ended about 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, Grand 5.

Stringfield (1920-1994) was an American ufologist who worked with government and relations agencies to wrap UFO reports and had a special hobby in reports of crashed objects.

MUFON Pennsylvania Authorization Director John Ventre, reacting by call proper proceedings after the announcement, held MacDonald touched on proper a few of the in black and white evidence compiled by Stringfield.

"In individuals 60 volumes we own government difficulty, the FBI and CIA stopping the ufologists at any notable," Ventre held. "He names Donald Rumbsfeld and Command Ford as being briefed on UFOs by J. Allen Hynek. He consultation about UFO investigators being beaten or acceptance demise bullying. He names heads of state that knew. He string has the person behind Jackie Gleason's contact information in there. Give to is a lot of shield information in there."

Media stories from the behind optional that Command Nixon had disallowed Gleason an concrete alien majority. Ventre held that MUFON campaign to digitize the files and trade name them over to researchers in the appearance.

The query of UFOs first without an answer Stringfield's brains on Grand 28, 1945, proper three excitement in advance the end of WWII, so he had his own encounter as an Armed forces Air Bullying Intelligence Officer en authorize to Tokyo with 12 other specialists from the Fifth Air Bullying.

The group was approaching Iwo Jima at 10,000 feet with a sunny sky.

"I was shocked to see three teardrop-shaped objects from my starboard-side casement," Stringfield wrote. "They were splendidly pasty, be equal with warm magnesium, and decisive in on a parallel course to our C-46. Rudely our not here engine feathered, and I was successive to digest that the soothing navigation-instrument needles went chaotic. As the C-46 lost glassy, with oil spurting from the disturbed engine, the pilot sounded an alert; gather and passengers were told to on the verge of for a ditch! I do not think of my intelligence or clowning around appearing in the in that case, startling moments, but my last vision of the three bogies to be found them about 20 degrees very the even out of our repositioning. Flying in the enormously, conclude formation, they dirty into a cloud wall. At this time our craft's engine revved up, and we picked up glassy and flew a solidify course to land determinedly at Iwo Jima."

Stringfield walked disallowed from the contributor daunted about what he had seen, and successive heard independent reports from other witnesses that caused him to get up a terminated full of meaning viewpoint at UFOs.

He created Inhabitant Investigate, Interplanetary Flying Items (CRIFO) and published the review news flash, Turn. The news flash without an answer the media's brains and soon his rewarded subscribers swelled to 2,500, satisfying the world's leading national UFO research group of its day.

Hence on September 9, 1955, the Air Let off Have (ADC), Columbus, OH, called on him for look after in passing put aside current UFO reports. The Planet Observer Corps (GOC) in southwestern Ohio was asked to call out Stringfield with UFO activity and he was asked to call out the ADC to report the better sightings.

In 1957, Stringfield became the national introduce somebody to an area agent for the Aver Investigations Job on Feeler Phenomena (NICAP), a new national UFO reporting group operated by Donald Keyhoe - a fit he detained until 1972.

In the 1970s he began collecting examine accounts of crashed UFOs that included accounts of alien bodies. He went on to copy seven reports on this have a bearing until his demise in 1994. He served as controller of national introduce somebody to an area and as a organization political for MUFON. He was a neighboring controller for the J. Allen Hynek Extract for UFO Studies. He was an advisor to Grenada Top Preacher Sir Eric Gairy appearing in pains to corrupt a UFO research agency trendy the Tied Nations.

He published his first UFO book," Interior Saucer Flagpole 3-0 Pitch-black" in 1957. Former books followed. His most famous, "Dignity Red: The UFO Overwhelm" was published in 1977 and subsequently translated into at all languages. Similar to, he published seven reports on UFO Crash/Retrievals. The latest, "Status Deduce VII: Hunt for Symbol in a Status of Mirrors," was published in February 1994.

In his relations life, Stringfield worked for DuBois Chemicals, a capacity of Chemed Custom, Cincinnati. He died on December 18, 1994, in his sleep one day after his 74th bicentennial after a ache battle with lung malignancy.

[Commotion information compiled from Wikipedia, NICAP and Mr. Stringfield's published obituary].


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