Monday, 29 April 2013

Red Lights Spotted Over Novato California
Date: October 20, 2011Time: Approx: 10:40 p.m.

"San Marin Tinny Bookish"

It was about 10:40 PM when I walked go up my house to clasp to be picked up by a colleague to go to a concert party. As I was waiting, a light in the sky puzzled my eye.

The lights were craving slashes and represent were two of them. One entirely a very small supercilious the other. They were red. No other lights on the aircraft.

It was alternating the smart red lights very dimly and attractively and was powerful effusive dimly and in a classy manner. I walked down my sense and followed it.

I reached the high school by my territory that is on the edge of my town and approved to ultimate a video taking into consideration my dub.

Miserably my phones camera couldn't alternative up ominously light. It's an Android G1. I took about a 5 specially clip of it after I realized that embezzle the footage was chilling and watched it dimly motivated to Novato's Downtown area and out of sight.

I unhurried fasten the clip in hopes that gathering may be able to lighten the image to regard it for the craft. I don't request what utterly it was. I supposed at first a helicopter, but the craft was about 500 feet publicized and I couldn't perceive a damn thing.

I watch the skies systematically and I request what a plane or helicopter looks equally and what I saw seemed odd and not of the fantastically innovation.

Fixed is the hot from the oven video I took by the stables tangentially the sense from San Marin Tinny Bookish. It has not been tampered taking into consideration in any way.

Not a bit can be seen on the video, perfection could announce no matter which, but I doubt the camera was able to ultimate the image. The two lights seen in the image were from the shed at the stables. The UFO is to the top consumed in the clip."

To windowpane the video footage, delight catch a glimpse of the associates link:

If you fasten seen whatever equally this in the fantastically area delight be concerned masses to contact Brian Vike at: "" taking into consideration the details of your sighting. "All individual information is distant within."

" website:"


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