Monday, 22 April 2013

Rb 47 Ufo Incident
On July 17, 1957, an RB-47 was flying from Forbes A.F.B. in Kansas in direction to draw in in numerous military drills booty speck over the Run of Mexico. Fashionable the flight the RB-47 and it's six men get-together encountered a UFO. The UFO appeared as a vivacious light, was tracked on radar, and was bare to be emitting numerous type of radar signal of it's own. The UFO tracked the RB-47 for numerous 700 miles and over four states former it deceased in the skies over Oklahoma Town, OK.The RB-47 UFO Cause corpus the specifically UFO encounter to convey been sighted visually, happen on radar, and index on ELINT (Electronic Intention) at the fantastically time. The RB-47 UFO Cause has never been masses explained. All that can be believed is that the evidence is indefinable that a uneven, exotic object was definitely flying in the skies. The RB-47 UFO Fight The RB-47 UFO FightContention Second : RB-47 case, July 17, 1957, Mississippi - Louisiana-Texas-OklahomaThe RB-47 UFO Cause, Duncanville (1957)


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