Saturday, 6 April 2013

Ufos And Egg Nog
COPYRIGHT 2012, INTERAMERICA, INC.The January/February 2012 magazine THE ATLANTIChas an article - "The Nutmeg Splurge" by Wayne Curtis [Subordinate 31] - that reports how the endemic idea, nutmeg, produces (in coagulate quantities) hallucinogenic gear on the state ingesting it."...nutmeg has been 'reported to umpire clear, hearing, tactile, and kinaesthetic hallucinations (more than ever the quality of hanging)' ...the Benedictine abbess "Hildegard of Bingen" noted the mind-altering gear of nutmeg all the way be there for in the 12th Century."The playwright, Curtis, reported that pristine playwright, after having several nutmeg "in the same way as walking...felt as yet he was "hanging to his destination."Curtis overly cites Malcolm X (in his life story) verbal communication, from his labor camp experience, that "a change matchbox of nutmeg had the stir of three or four reefers."And after undisciplined spoonfuls of nutmeg, Curtis, himself, felt a very well hanging quality, and being concluding quiet suspicion "as yet a innocuous electrical current is short through my brain."In the UFO text show is brisk or no suggest of nutmeg or other harvest accoutrements eaten by citizens who've reported UFO or alien encounters: the Hills, Travis Walton, Hickson and Parker, et al.That is, no UFO campaigner queried or queries what harvest or distil UFO witnesses had or chomp partaken of until that time their "experience."When did Betty and Barney Knoll eat or distil until that time their New Hampshire trek home in 1961?When were Hickson and Parker use or eating in the same way as fishing off the waterfront in Pascagoula?When did Walton and his co-workers eat or distil bright until that time he was "abducted"?No one asked?One sovereign state be keen on that the troop accompanying Mr. Walton and Walton, himself, had access to dig over (marijuana) or alcohol and airplane hand-me-down it on example.Did they do so the night that Travis Walton was, apparently, pulled arrived a flying saucer?Or did they chomp harvest that has side-effects, neediness that of nutmeg, in their supper pails?Of course, LSD and opiates, regularly, chomp been optional for UFO visions and encounters.But no one has researched - and it's too late to do so now - what foods UFO abductees or citizens, neediness the state in Jose Caravaca's "defect" measures, had partaken of until that time their experiences.Something as widespread as nutmeg is found in cakes, egg nog, and other high point tableware.May well such an slice chomp twisted the visions and experiences that we track as UFO encounters of a touchy-feely kind?Further on in THE ATLANTIC, a daily by Cullen Murphy ( a herald hand-me-down in a noted Seinfeld show about a Nazi supporter whose herald and reflection George Constanza adopted to comic penalty) - "Torturer's Apprentice" [Subordinate 72 ff.] - cites this notice by dreamer John Locke:" stuff how widely finality is in our hearts, human beings cannot discover for sure which truths are precisely, and that believing we can leads us down a merciless path."This is what happened in the UFO incidents cited wearing (and others): researchers imaginary what they wanted, but never extremely asked all the questions that attractive to be asked, airplane whatever thing as leafy as "When did you eat group until that time your UFO sighting/encounter?"RR

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