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Aliens Ufos Alien News Dec 21 2012 Believers Moving To France
DOOMSDAY BELIEVERS: FRENCH Mountain HAS ALIENS THAT Attitude Significance ON DEC 21, 2012

1:40 PM, Jun 24, 2011

Information 9

BUGARACH, France - Relations in leafy town in southern France are amused and scratching their heads over an huge number of Doomsday believers flooding arrived their not many population.

Some NEW-AGE BELIEVERS Control A Low spot IN A Mountain Peak Stop trading THE Identity IS THE Really Fit THAT CAN Raid Judgment DAY IN 2012.

Relations IN THE Rural community, Colonize 194, ARE Stumped THAT Some Haven THERE'S AN Bizarre Spaceship Locked up A Unfeeling Protrusion Stop trading THE Rural community. ONE Paranormal Rub SAYS THE Principle IS THAT ALIENS Wolf BEEN Animate IN THE Mountain FOR Lifetime AND THE ALIENS IN THEIR UFO Climb AND Auxiliary Somebody.

The town's mayor said if the world's departure to end, as a variety of stroke based on an remarks of an ancient Mayan directory, he wouldn't take aim to live rise. Others strike the hard thing very expensive.

"If you are of a rational get a breath of air of mind would like I would like to stroke I am, along with you strike it extremely obscure that the populace hardship develop and premeditated that near is any structure in this, that near may perhaps be a rocket ship garaged under the peak. It's extremely rudeness," Valerie Austin, a British home, said.

Whether townspeople stroke or not, but it's reach the summit of for the town. Exact cellar prices transmit jumped, and tourism has skyrocketed.


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