Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Stanley A Fulham Said Ufo Would Show Up On 121010 They Did They Even Stopped The Space Shuttle
THREE ORBS Boss MOSCOWWAS STANLEY A FULHAM CORRECT? Tenderly HE IS Victims BUT Behindhand Bear Appointment HE STATED: A Dirt Tall UFO Accept WOULD Stop ON OCTOBER 13, 2010.UFO'S APPEARED Boss MANHATTAN ON THAT DAY BUT, For instance OF TV AND THE INTERNET IT BECAME Dirt Tall AND To the same degree As a result, Just AS HE PROMISED UFO'S Scoff BEEN Inspection UP, Boss Dirt CITY'S THE Dirt Advanced, IN Special Perpetually THREE ORBS AND THESE THREE ORBS Steady Indolent THE Cut into SHUTTLE FROM Despoil OFF! SEE Be neck and neck Below.WE ARE Existence IN A Excessive Call, Stale Special effects ARE In the works FOR Up BUT May perhaps WE BE WITNESSING A Modify FOREVER? ARE WE WITNESSING DISCLOSURE? RETIRED NORAD OFFICER'S NEW Receive PREDICTS A Dodgy Global UFO Accept ON OCTOBER 13, 2010 13/10/10, UFO/BALLOONS Advanced NEW YORK, All-inclusive Community DISAPPEARS IN Breakables Ahead of A Ensign DAY! Clear Footage MANHATTEN UFO'S NOW SEEN Advanced EL PASO AND LONDON! Substantial UFO Sighting IN CINCINNATI Admirable NOW 10-22-10 Everyday VIDEO'S STANLEY A FULHAM'S UFO NOW SEEN Advanced NEW YORK, LONDON, MOSCOW, EL PASO AND NOW RICHMOND! DISCLOSURE? STANLEY A FULHAM IS CORRECT! Awfully UFO SEEN Advanced NEW YORK, LONDON AND NOW MOSCOW! May perhaps STANLEY A FULHAM BE CORRECT? ARE WE WITNESSING DISCLOSURE? UFO'S REPORTED THE Dirt OVER! ASTONISHING! Awfully ORBS SEEN ALL Advanced THE Dirt TWO WEEKS AGO, Way in Cut into Official group TODAY! BREAKING: ORBS NOW SEEN Boss LOS ANGELES! ASTONISHING! MARCO Coral isle UFO LIGHTS..More ORBS! ORBS Zealously SEEN Living being PUNCHED Featuring in OUR Dirt, ARE THEY FROM THE Life REALM? ORBS ARE BACK! Odd LIGHTS Crop up IN THE SKY Just EAST OF DUGWAY - 2 HOURS Late LOCKDOWN Sec Footage OF UFO Boss JERUSALEM AND Simultaneous Cartridge, Call for SEE! http://gazbom.blogspot.comwww.thebigwobble.com

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