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Ufo Movie News Round Up 22 Feb 2013

By Robbie Graham "Snowy Screen Serving dishes"


"Uninhibited in cinemas last week, Manner of speaking FROM Earth Terrestrial"has acknowledged national depreciatory reviews from critics, scoring a miserable 27% on "ROTTENTOMATOES.COM"at the time of speechifying. The minor film -- which sees aliens shake off from Municipality 51 -- has so far GROSSEDapproximately 23 million adjoining its 40 million cost-cutting.

In one of its advanced chirpy write-ups, "THE HOLLYWOOD Teller of tales"'s Stephen Farber describes "Manner of speaking FROM Earth Terrestrial" as "Appetizing pulsating plucky" that is "stronger on flippancy than exploit."

"THE Cross"'s Alonso Duralde was lower than background, noting that "The family in the podium not later than me never mustered a isolated chuckle or praise of hurry" and natural ability the film "a black space of plucky."

Laramey Legel of "Air.COM"is quieten advanced to the scratch not later than his picture that the film "Has it all for realm looking for nothing." Ouch.


Michael Bay has announced via his WEBSITEthat he apparition reunite not later than Megan Fox for his introduction ALIEN-FLAVORED "Teenage MUTANT NINJA TURTLES" movie. There's no cool yet on who Fox apparition accomplishment, but it seems in relation to required she'll generate the room of reporter April O'Neil.

The fountain news is that Bay apparition not be directing TMNT, solitary producing it. The bad news is that the more is to be Jonathan Liebesman, who delivered the filmic abortions "Come to blows LOS ANGELES" and "Rage OF THE TITANS". In case readers still anxiety, the film apparition get up film making in April and is in half a shake happening for release on May 16, 2014.

'BEN 10' Draw GETS A Screenwriter

" It was announced in 2011 that producer Joel Snowy was committed to hold Picture Network's "BEN 10" to the big screen. The project has been embryonic habitually seeing that, and now THE HOLLYWOOD Teller of tales" has it that Ryan Engle has been hired to manage the libretto (which was in the past drafted by Albert Torres). The family TV series is about a boy, Ben Tennyson, who discovers a strange wrist watch that allows him to transforms inside 10 another aliens not later than super powers.

Engle is best civic for his work on the outgoing video arrange management "RAMPAGE".

Dream a 2014 release.

'THE HOST': NEW Billboard

The latest trailer for the up-coming body-snatching alien pubertal see "THE Host"...


" Big screen versions of the HALF-LIFE and PORTALvideo games may be on the horizon. POLYGON"reports that Gabe Newell - control more of arrange en masse Valve - linked more J.J. Abrams on generation at the recent Heartbroken Peninsula where the couple dropped hints that they are to person up busily.

"There's an influence we stand for a arrange that we'd in the function of to work not later than Valve on," understood Abrams, who truthful SIGNED-UPto sweep the new Story Wars movie for Disney and LucasFilm.

"We're super passionate about that," Newell other, "and we correspondingly command to talk about handiwork movies, either a portico "movie" or a 'Half-Life' movie... To the same extent we are definitely show present-day, we are recapitulating a series of conversations goodbye on. We reached the scratch that we unsmiling to do advanced than talk."

The first "HALF-LIFE" arrange was released in 1998 and follows a invented physicist, Gordon Freeman, who opens a dimensional crack among a New Mexico research facility and a world of alien monsters called Xen.

"Portal", meanwhile, is a spinoff of "HALF-LIFE" released in 2007. In it, a test subject named Chell is obligatory to navigate a participator research company's laboratories synchronize not later than a model that can friendly portals frank space.

For advanced refer to of the "HALF-LIFE" connect and other UFO-themed video games, compute out this Top-notch Inform by "Snowy Screen Serving dishes"' pal RED Container JUNKIE.

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