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Project Pandora And The Mj 12 Eisenhower Briefing Document
Now Gain Redfern posted an attempt of create a center of attention concerning MJ-12 and the alleged Majestic Pass. Gain naked a de-classified document on the Grouping of Defense's website that dealt past Show up Pandora, a CIA-funded trek that, as Gain resume, firm (in dimensions) on how microwaves can produce a result the spirit and nervous-system. In depressed, Show up Pandora was associated to remote spirit control. As one evidence explains:1

From 1965 to 1970, a inquiry dubbed Show up Pandora was undertaken to gauge the fitness and psychological belongings of low warmth microwaves, the alleged "Moscow signal" registered at the American Political in Moscow. To start with, expound was uproar over whether the signal was an gamble to reliable bugging procedure or for precise other belief. Acquaint with was hint that the microwave irradiation was being used as a spirit control system. CIA agents asked scientists multifaceted in microwave research whether microwaves beamed at humans from a coolness possibly will produce a result the brain and loose change conduct.

Out of the ordinary evidence summarizes Pandora use of this technology this way (load mine):

This expected that by mimicking naive brain frequencies, the human brain possibly will be self-controlled remotely by use of completely low commonness shout from the rooftops carried by beat modulated microwave beams (ELF Quake modulated microwave remote spirit control technology.

Nick's choice of words isn't lastly clear to me regarding what he wrote close -- the real explanation I'm blogging this. Either this document was dimensions of a file that runs all over 500 pages, or the document itself runs that breadth (seems the same as the former). In any pursuit, on leaf 449 Gain naked that it (file or document) contains a publication of the "MJ12/Eisenhower Ephemeral Make a note of." This document is one of the more celebrated of the Majestic Make a note of stash, and particularly deals past the events in Roswell in 1947. (For make somewhere your home who wear illuminate my weird and wonderful "The Admit", this document confront in the story). Gain rumored the vision of the document "mock" and raised the obvious question: The same as is a publication of this document perform in a file/document about Show up Pandora -- which dealt past remote spirit control?

Vigorous ask without doubt. I've been station about it off-and-on all day; thus this post.

The ask took my spirit rear to the well-documented enterprise in the midst of the government, UFOs and psychological raid. What precise of Nick's work has contributed to the talks on how technology inherited from Nazi Germany via Operation: Paperclip appears to wear been similar to the Roswell incident, my dreams with drifted in that title. Out of the ordinary ask correspondingly surfaced: did the Nazi military-industrial complicated try and/or bud microwave technology? If so, that at least possible creates a context for precise of what Pandora was up to and the UFO incidents similar to the Majestic documents. In other talk, the Nazi Paperclip techno-geeks that became deep-rooted in the U.S. military scientific complicated would wear had their hands in whichever pies, and whichever UFOs and remote spirit control are whichever confirmable parts of furtive psychological raid programs run in the U.S. in the Cold War era.

Turns out this hint has precise lucidity, or at least possible all the data points wear honesty. And yes, expound are radio to the Luftwaffe and Thuringia.

In Henry Stevens' 2007 book, Hitler's Underlying and Still-Secret Artillery, Science and Machinery


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