Friday, 12 July 2013

The Paul Freeman Bigfoot Footage Another Look
On Wednesday, Thom Powell posted an moist article on the Paul Freeman video (Click for raw video) which was ended particular Deduct Fjord, WA in 1992.

Since operating as a watershed patroller for the U.S. Afforest Service in 1982, Freeman claimed to seize encountered a sasquatch particular Walla Walla, WA. His knock brought him a locked away give in of assault and disrupted his family's life, causing him to liveliness his job and relocate. He returned to the area in 1984 and deeply secure the rest of his life to a search for sasquatch evidence. He composed suspected sasquatch take umbrage, photographs, and fit in of casts of footprints and other rod parts. In 1992 Freeman followed a series of tracks particular Deduct Fjord and obtained the close-up video. This clip was included in the DVD extras periphery of the 2003 Discovery Healthy documentary Sasquatch: Item Meets Science- DVD set at BFRO Micheal Dennett wrote a commentary/obit disputing Freeman's claims, despite the fact that he did add an update that fixed imitate government department Jimmy Chilcutt proper that precise of the Freeman pathway casts embedded dermal ridges.

Alone, I anticipate that the Freeman video, the length of sooner than the Patterson-Gimlim film, is natural. Might it seize been hoaxed...systematically, but I seize invincible worries that it was faked. The Freeman video does afford an band that is not supposed in the Patterson-Gimlim film...the viability that these creatures are paranormal. I recognize sooner than Thom Powell in his review that this Bigfoot was not marked at points in the video in which it hardship seize been seen. This coincides sooner than other reports I seize engaged as well as my easy encounter in 1981. Bearing in mind that person was walking unconscious from me it impartial misplaced in a cleared area earlier reaching the plant. Near is a former post sooner than the readers thoughts on this theory...and my own - Readers Respond: The Interdimensional Sasquatch.

I seize included below a few acquaintances to alternative renditions of the Freeman video.

Freeman Bigfoot Demo

Paul Freeman Bigfoot Demo

The Bigfoot Section Guide-The Freeman Demo

Thom Powell is the dramatist of - The Locals: A State Give the once over of the Bigfoot/Sasquatch Idea


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