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February 2009 Texas Ufo Reports Summary
In the vicinity of are 40 reports from Texas, for the month of Feb., 2009. I am prosperity positive that present-day are lots on top of unreported sightings.

These reports show been gleaned from extraordinary organizations dazzling to UFO reporting and research, such as MUFON, UFO Casebook, etc.

One addition explanation that I'd consider to draft and I do call for this, seeing that filing a report, pleased report the painstaking date and time if at all possible, by means of the conventional of the sighting. This helps organizations such as MUFON, beside their investigations. You can remain nameless.


1) Sun, 01, Feb., 2009, Morgan Chore,TX: 2 nation see a newly picked flame and an object in the far separate from that was want, uninspired cigar formed.

2) Mon., 02 Feb., 2009, Robstown, TX: Having the status of pouring, a observer sees a gloom, cigar formed object

3) Wed., 04 Feb., 2009, Missouri City, TX: Observer sees a Endless Black Triangle, violent to be 3-4 time fat than Southwest airlines jet.

4) Fr.i, 05 Feb., 2009, Glen rose, TX: Unique witnesses see 1-2 newly picked yellowish ashy objects, low in the sky.

5) Thu, 05 Feb 2009, Houston, TX: 2 witnesses see indirect formed object beside a very newly picked ashy light in the neighborhood it

6) Thu, 05 Feb 2009, DeLeon, TX: 20 miles west of DeLeon spell wayfarer, Observer observed newly picked yellow light, next a "group" of slighter lights that blinked on/off in succession.

7) Thu, 05 Feb 2009, Austin, TX: Observer saw a very newly picked, unlimited light that appeared to show a fog consider cloud forthcoming off the corrupt.

8) Fri., 06 Feb., 2009, Stephenville, TX: Observer sees up to 7 star-like objects in sky, appearing, departing.

9) Fri., 06 Feb., 2009, Stephenville, TX: Fly of unlimited, enormously newly picked irregular lights see less than 500 feet to the left.

10) Fri, 06 Feb 2009, Stephenville and Dublin, TX: Muted yellow light position voguish 3 making a triangle next position voguish 8 or 9 making a circle and rotating, next took off consider a lightning restriction beside what looked consider 5 explosions which made no pungent, next sack off seeing that fighter planes showed up. Observer understood, "cars were pulled off of 377 between Stephenville and Dublin any ways surveillance this."

11) Fri., 06 Feb., 2009, Cisco/Cross Plains, TX: A newly picked star-like pulsing object, worried touchstone (red, yellowish-brown, yellow, red).

12) Fri., 06 Feb., 2009, Desdemona, TX: Observer viewed for one person classes of lights, next dissimilar group of 5 or so lights lit up in a succession (frankly line formation), next spent.

13) Fri., 06 Feb., 2009, Cisco/Cross Plains, TX: 2 firmed indirect (oblique) ashy objects at approx. 500 ft. get higher, headed North. Gear were hot prosperity that observer may well see details of the foundation of objects, which were "sectioned".

14) Fri., 06 Feb., 2009, DeLeon, TX: Observer observed 5 groups of 7-8 amber decorated lights appearing and departing.

15) Fri., 06 Feb., 2009, Evant, Texas: Observer sees up to 9 newly picked yellowish-brown lights North of town near Hamilton, TX.

16) Fri., 06 Feb., 2009, Evant, Texas: Observer sees up to 9 newly picked yellowish-brown lights North of town near Hamilton, TX.

17) Sat., 07 Feb., 2009, Stephenville, TX: Unique witnesses see fused unlimited, yellowish-brown decorated lights.

18) Sat., 07 Feb., 2009, Cisco/Cross Plains, TX: Observer saw 5-6 enormously newly picked ashy lights, all and sundry at smallest amount of 4 ft. in diameter. Feature(s) as hot as 1,000 ft. from spectator, see below treetop complete.

19) Sat., 07 Feb., 2009, Beaumont, TX: Having the status of hunting, observer claims object appears aloof them, plunging granite sized object on vessel.

20) Sat., 07 Feb., 2009, viewed from Sulphur, LA over Texas: Observer claims loop consider object departed assured tyope of "correspondence" in his fiield, next walk out on a marble-like object on his house, precise catching house on bonfire.

21) Sat., 07 Feb., 2009, Houston, TX: 2 witnesses fasten star-like object that appeared to be 500 - 1,000 ft. in get higher.

22) Thu., 12 Feb., 2009, TX: Mortal aduction in the inappropriate origin hours of Feb., 12, 2009.

23) Thu., 12 Feb., 2009, Houston, TX: Witnesses report seeing a newly picked light in sky that moved erractically in advance departing with clouds.

24) Fri., 13 Feb., 2009, Tyler, TX: Observer observed star-like object that had ashy & red lights and seemed to revolution, spiral.

25) Sun., 15 Feb., 2009, Texas: Unique report of fireballs (possibly accrual from the 2 satellites that collided).

26) Sun., 15 Feb., 2009, Waller, TX: Observer was at drive-in step and saw a newly picked object in sky for over 1 hour. Feature did not move, specifically spent.

27) Mon., 16 Feb., 2009, Dallas, TX: Feature crashes voguish landscape, sets landscape on bonfire. Feasibly accrual from satellites.

28) Wed., 18 Feb., 2009, Salado, TX: Be born sighting, precise Ft. Hooligan. Observer states he saw uncommon newly picked ashy objects in the sky that appeared, spent and appeared once more. Sometimes the objects appeared cylindrical, next triangular, next indirect. Observer says the object specifically seemed to dematerialize. Observer anyway observed jets & helicopors.

29) Fri., 19 Feb., 2009, Lufkin, TX: "A unlimited ashy circle beside a loop on the top and a ashy light sparkly onto the ground", flew over a plant accrual have area (paper whet) on Old Chore Management.

30) Sat., 21 Feb., 2009, Austin, TX: Observer claims he heard a whistling pungent, next a cigar formed object landed precise his house on a watch over. He says he doesn't bring to mind at all after that.

31) Reported Sun., 22 Feb., 2009: Quitman, TX: "craft poised over my car 30ft aloof and was triangular formed beside 3 red lights."

32) Reported Sun., 22 Feb., 2009, Dallas, TX: Multiple witnesses viewed at rest craft hot to ground precise make tower.

33) Sun., 22 Feb., 2009, San Antonio, TX: Witnesses saw a newly picked light that lit up the sky and total sow. Feature appeared to be predictable, or rectangular.

34) Tue., 23 Feb., 2009, Ft. Exploitation, TX: Witenesses saw an "enormously newly picked light in the west that was not thrilling and notably fat than a assign or hydroplane lights." Observer understood gone access national "saw it on Wednesday Feb. 20 and Saturday Feb. 21. It was as newly picked as a stadium light but advanced and unaided in the sky. It would occassionally get brighter and dimmer."

35) Tue., 24 Feb., 2009, Basin Brownwood, TX: For uncommon being witnesses show seen a very newly picked light appearing and departing precise their get. As a result 4 red lights appeared. Hostile jets appeared and gave pursuit. One object "smoked past" the jet. Gear reappeared and were viewed most of the night.

36) Wed., 25 Feb., 2009, Dublin, TX: Witnesses saw a line of lights in a chevron shape, "fat than a advertisement plane and notably tarnish", sleepily thrilling north, next made a halt stir west.

37) Wed., 25 Feb., 2009, Growing Entitle, TX: Witnesses saw a very newly picked yellowish-brown light and next dissimilar, next lights "position" voguish 6 lights. The lights seemed to be down. One observer bother the lights were landing.

38) Wed., 25 Feb., 2009, Cisco, TX: Witnessed a quantity of very newly picked lights in the sky, 1 unlimited ashy light, uncommon amber/orange lights communally more or less fat light, poised over/near Cisco, thrilling South by departing, next reappearing enhancement South.

39) Wed., 25 Feb., 2009, Odessa, TX: Observer observed star-like object that hovered, next moved in stops and starts in advance decline to the left.

40) Wed., 25 Feb., TX: Witnesses saw 2 newly picked oranges lights in the sky. At first they remained calm, next one released whatever thing that "blinked red". An hour or so innovative, the 2 witnesses saw 2 lights, 1 moved to the left, next dissimilar light appeared gone to 2nd light.

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