Saturday, 11 January 2014

Brightly Glowing Object Photographed Over South Carolina Neighborhood
The State-run UFO Reporting Center has reported that a Summerville, South Carolina man has reported that he was walking his dog on Saturday, December 7th of 2013, at about a garden at an earlier time 7PM eastern time, because he witnessed a faint red, clearly object in the sky. The keep positive he managed to pay for a photo of the object, away from home chief.

Witness statement:

"I was walking my dogs together with my populace and I saw a clearly faint circle in the sky heartrending ponderously. It was exhibit for about 2 proceedings and I snapped a pic of it, and after that it went in a daze very abstain after I took the picture, plummeting or flying to the horizon."

(This story cannot be verified as the label of the keep has not been unadulterated in this report.)

NUFORC Note: Witness forwarded a duplicate of his photo to our center, and it indicates a faint red light, touch on to the horizon, in the darkness sky.)


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