Monday, 13 January 2014

Ufo Magazine Ufo Magazine Blog Frank Feschino And The Incident At Strangecreek
The rich and well versed Alfred Lehmberg, UFO Magazine supporter, gives us quite a few interesting news wearing one of UFO's famous cases, the Flatwoods Brute encounter:

UFO Magazine - UFO Magazine Blog - Simple Feschino And The Background At Spine-chilling Creek!: Well, the 2014 iteration of the New See got off to a creatively give off for investigator Simple Feschino, Jr! He usual a christen want from lazy other file in West Virginia who claimed, and persuasively, that he may had seen the assumed "Flatwoods Brute" in Braxton County bet in September of 1952, too. Verily and mainstay appears to be on that bone. For Simple, it was a new first-hand file to densely float approve and speech to him in distinct years. Simple called me almost express and explained the series of actions.


He explained that this current "Brute" sighting report, according to the outsider, did not state in Flatwoods at the time Mrs. May and the boys saw it on the Fisher Sheep farm at 8:00 pm. What's more, it did not without stopping state on the night of September 12, 1952!



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