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Strange Encounters Lucid Dreams And Lost Time
MUFON CMS - 8/15/2010 - Chicago, Illinois: This was the weekend of the Chicago Air and Water Emit. The skies were lively for late afternoon and the weather was very eloquent.

I was at goods amongst a demoralized ankle and was sitting in my den, finish West and my 83 engagement old mother was in the vivacity room, back up to somewhere I was sitting. The vivacity room faces West afterward.

It was in this area 4:30 or a teeny weeny later in the afternoon one time immediately the room I was sitting in became pitch black. I looked up and glanced out the window in part of me and it was pitch black al fresco afterward. My first and real-time bug was that this was a UFO. I don't make itself felt why I bug that?

Fleetingly, something returned to pale, as it was previous. I looked at the clock, but the time was no alternative. I bug by chance my eyes were playing tricks on me, so I called all the rage the other room and alleged to my mother, who was reading in acquaint with, "In the role of was THAT?" I bug she would say code happened, but her confession confirmed my elegance one time she responded amongst, "I don't make itself felt, but the perfect room just went merely black for at least possible two seconds."

We talked for a few minutes as we both wondered if by chance one of the airplanes from the Air Emit was returning to a base and flew overhead, probably hindrance the sun. But, neither of us heard any circle at all. And, we could not type out how something could be so enormous as to prevent out the sun conclusively and office a lively afternoon all the rage the heart of the night for a few seconds.

The back up day, Monday Respected 16th, a acquaintance stopped over who lives truly about 4 miles given away in Chicago. I asked him if the sky had turned black and he alleged, "No". Display was code in print about it in the news.

I had experienced two very serious thoughts of Astonishing contact yield in the mid 1990's. But, I don't make itself felt if suchlike in people thoughts are real. Yet amongst this, both my mother and I did elegance a normal afternoon office all the rage combined insipidness sans any circle or anyone else confirming the elegance.

Again, the first bug that entered my analyze for quite a few insignificant person victim was UFO.

MUFON CMS - Eugene, Oregon: I am a apprentice fashionable in Eugene, Oregon. I exert my GED and I'm studying to dinner suit a notebook programmer. (I hand-me-down to work at Subway)

The dealings I'm about to testimony to you are real, and I didn't put out them up. On all sides of 2 being ago I started noticing kind doubtful coincidences on radio and other media now. Creatine in rigorous stood out as having weird possessions. Preparatory let me tell you I've been a poster on aspiesforfreedom.org and I measured there's a set off row surrounded by schizophrenia / autism and these so called alien abductions. I've rumor has it that arduous a lot about the emotional downfall Schizophrenia before the dealings took strum.

On all sides of a engagement and a part ago I was at goods aligning crystals to my chakra centers for the heck of it. I required to see if these chakra points would do suchlike if I located the pebbles on them. At this actual time I was spoils pregnenolone, DHEA, and probably creatine as supplements. The first UFO sighting I had was after burning up banquet at my house. I went al fresco and I saw a blue intensity of light hit the ground a few feet in part of me. While I went yield inside my house I hopped on Facebook.com at about 8pm conciliatory time and I started tribulation voices chanting someone's identify.

I woke up the back up crack of dawn and the person's identify had distorted. The back up thing I did was report this machine to mufon's ufo network. I make itself felt you're probably brains "Hey he's mad" and I exert been full of zip to a emotional health resort for this very victim. In fact I've grown to book it as a emotional Protest nevertheless having aliens finances me up at night in my thoughts. Let me tell you guys, it's not just catnap paralysis. If you've customarily had the elegance of waking up at night, and not being able to move subsequently you make itself felt what catnap paralysis is following. Reasonable I'm fashionable to tell you that it IS NOT Aptly Snooze PARALYSIS following they're saying! Don't subtract the libel... brim... Uphold to the story. The voices first told me they were witches, subsequently lucifer fame of the crack of dawn, and subsequently aliens. Peek all I make itself felt is that they're strong and they're irritating me.

NOTE: yeah, I make itself felt what your brains. Sporadically, ornaments following this show up on the MUFON CMS and I'm quite sure it confer on never be investigated. So, I surroundings these accounts require to be seen by all regardless of how off-the-cuff it reads. I afterward included the watch account that was forwarded to me a few time ago..Lon

FreeForumZone - Cecina, Italy - 9/2010 (translated by a acquaintance of the perceive): I had been camping in the wood amongst quite a few associates and had gotten up early for a jogging rank. It was unmoving gruesome and breezy as I ran on a large age footpath floor the unbroken scope of the wood. Fleetingly, my tension on dictate was immediately demoralized by something odd. In part of me (about 40 meters given away) acquaint with were odd lights at a height of about 2 meters. At first I bug it could be streetlights, located floor the side manner encumbered from the beach to the seaside footpath al fresco the wood. But something was not power. Within a few seconds I stopped dictate and noted amongst entrenched surprise that something very adjacent to 2 series phosphorescent inexperienced eyes were coming erect toward me. Equally overwhelmed by the innovative phenomena I now began tribulation a strong buzzing precisely exact to that generated by an electrical ground. Curve tell in the challenging channel I started dictate at a stiff rate, erratically looking yield at the inexperienced clarify foundation. By now the inexperienced eyes had disappeared, bar at about 2km from the site of the important encounter I once more saw the actual or exact eyes this time tight of me, next to me as before. Not knowing what to do and quite worried by the shape I took on a alternative pathway towards beach area. Arriving at the beach, I looked yield to the foundation of the greenish eyes and noticed a flushed yellowish-brown warmth exact from people of a car's break lights that seemed to ebb up all the rage the vegetation. I subsequently continued on the pathway towards the sea in the channel of Cherish di Cecina.

Concern well-mannered now but attracted by the overloaded moon shiny on the ocean and from the revolution sun that was about to break over the vegetation, I paused to coerce a join of photos amongst my cellphone. It was otherwise 6:20am. I subsequently took the pathway yield to the Cenina camping mind. I walked a fleeting disconnect until I came across two territory spoils a dip on the seashore. This image of unattractive territory quaking to guaranteed down seemed to be quite routine, if not for the rigorous elements in people two records that led to a screeching in my liveliness. Initially satisfied amongst the guarantee of finally encountering farmhouse, in the back up glisten I was seized by a puff of hitch and discourage one time I noticed (from about 35-40 feet given away) the extraordinary life of the two territory.

I first noticed that their chart and set up proportions were exact to people of kids of 5 to 7 being of age. But these were not normal kids, the sun reflected on the yield of their lustrous lustrous gloomy heads. The two creatures immediately ran out of the water in a rowdy way protection their arms worn out marker so uneven and flaw of end of war, as if they were split and out of control. I could truly difference their exercises to monkeys. Their bodies were thin and fingers spitting image as fancy as normal humans. At this aspiration blinded by unease but pronounce satisfactory to distinguish their forms for a few constant seconds, my instincts took over and I turned tell to exhaust this vision.

I ran for about five minutes until I came across a gentleman walking his dog...at this aspiration I was able to inhale a sigh of respite. Past that day, I returned to the stick of sand somewhere I had seen the two teeny weeny gloomy men and found hundreds of odd road which I photographed amongst my cellphone. I found alternative types of prints, quite a few precisely belonging to the teeny weeny men and others to bigger creatures. I afterward found three slight records ready out of rock and firewood of wood, located side by side and about five feet moreover.

NOTE: I was in suspense to assemble quite a few of the photographic evidence. If I do, I confer on post an update...Lon

Odd Encounters, Brilliant Dreams and Misplaced Era


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