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New Crop Circle Found In Indonesia Rice Field Jan 23 2011 Ufo Sighting News
From AOL Report (1/24/2011)

Revealed on Jan 23, 2011

Indonesian rice farmers in Slemen, Yogyakarta, got practically a vicious circle Sunday first light while they bare that overnight a elevated crop circle had inexplicably created in one of their fields.

The circle, which as well includes private statistical patterns of a triangle and less important circles, has an large-scale diameter of to all intents and purposes 90 feet, according to The Jakarta Junk mail.

One state-owned, Cahyo Utomo, speculated that the odd break up of rice fork artwork wasn't fake. "The circles were organize starting yesterday first light. I consider they were used up by an alien rocket ship," he meant.

"It is fantastic that this was ended by the meander or any being," he other.

Whether crafted by humans or aliens, thousands of crop circles maintain been reported all over the world for heap decades, but by means of a well ahead size recorded in England. And they're not unfailingly about, by means of at all of the better-quality implicated and nitpicky ones looking adore questioning nature or the same professional symbols or DNA sequences.

The patterns are with brute force formed by something that flattens unlike crops, adore rice, wheat and rye, and they're usually bare by farmers in the early first light where they didn't exist the night otherwise.

In at all cases, realm maintain admitted being the architects of crop circles, by using chains and boards to railroad the crops. But the same that doesn't progress all crop circles someplace, which foliage heap of them weird.

According to Moedji Raharto, the bygone head of the Bosscha Observatorium, Indonesia's oldest observatory, "If this undisputable is the work of a UFO or extraterrestrial beings, it is about 100 percent vault they would maintain used up at all request of lowlight behind schedule.

"The chemical makeup of the dye itself may well gossip the rummage of the phenomenon. For exemplar, while a meteorite enters the ambiance and forms a opening, it foliage traces of elements that are not shared to the area," Moedji meant. He other that finish have a spat may well be ordered in a dye reading of the Yogyakarta circle.

This is the first crop circle reported in 2011. Slemen police crucial Iwan Ramani wouldn't agreement either way on whether the circle in his check was crafted by a UFO, humans or the same a recyclable phenomenon. He's unflustered investigating.

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