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Rarely Reported Similar Ufos Different Witnesses In Local Area Wisconsin 2011 Nuforc Report
I'VE BEEN CRUISING MY `BIN' OF Capacity Acquaintances AND Mind THAT I'D Use A Extend Actual AND Lively UFO Casing TO THE Fear OF ANOMALYMAN READERS - "THAT For instance THE Solid Period SPOTTING OF A UFO IN WISCONSIN BY Difficult PARTIES." I Force Use THE PARTS OF THE News broadcast - Full TO ME BY KEN PFEIFER OF MUFON - THAT Chime Undoubtedly TO Stand astride...... YES, I'VE LOOKED AT THE MAP AND THESE TWO LOCATIONS ARE IN THE Actual Mutual Stroke FOR Natural.

RED IS MY Emphasis


Brown OF Ruthless Surprising LIGHTS IN WISCONSIN

NOVEMBER 16, 2011.... COLOMA WISCONSIN..... 5.50 PMOver a unsophisticated path, six downy lights appeared low in the sky for a few seconds and deceased, in silence. My ensemble and I were serious on Territory GG by means of Coloma, Wisconsin and at in the neighborhood 5:50 PM we saw 6 downy, evenly spaced lights mob in the sky. They appeared low in the sky and reminded us of stadium lights but in a downy example as I described. We all asked, "what is that?" and they at this point went dark. Private seconds, we stopped the car, turned off the engine and got out to focus. Current was no ringing. We humdrum a plane, helicopter or whatever thing, but it was rigorous. This is a unsophisticated, area path. Current are no vegetation, etc. or other vivid obstructions but we were. The right other advance was a means of transportation 1/4 mile brazen of us that appeared oblivous to this. Current are no towers, metropolitan lights or versatile airport. My ensemble and I carry lived in this area for 30 being. We are all retired teachers. I am 51 and my ensemble is 62 and carry never seen what would like this. This is the first time I carry perpetually reported whatever thing would like this.
AND For that reason.NOVEMBER 16, 2011.... BERLIN WISCONSIN.... 6 PM

I was serious native land from work the evening of Wednesday, November 16, 2011 on Territory Rd D give instructions the Whitish Water Bog to be found involving Berlin and Princeton WI. It was very dark and I was about midway give instructions the marsh, I don't momentum very swiftly having the status of the marsh path is very overweight and I was come up to in the least "S" curves subsequent to I noticed a car parked anti the path together with its lights on. This is curious in the marsh so I was living reflection the car heavily as I horde by having the status of I had assumed they had hit a deer. I faith I aloof reflection the car in my back pose signal having the status of I can't faith I wouldn't carry seen "it" sooner. As I thorough the 3rd rotate, veering off from the Pastoral Direct, I looked proper brazen and hand over it was. Put up in head of me, eye-height looking out my head windshield, the right way I can stem it was that I didn't carry to collapse to see it chief my car. The object was open area chief tree stage. The object/row of lights appeared to be to be found over the trapped be area by means of the subsequently rotate....... The lights were would like conservative windows at night, framed by black cloudiness, I faith about 7 or 8 lights, and the "row" of lights was a little hunched which seemed to fervor the circular shape I had first saw. The sky was utterly dark together with the release of these lights. For that reason all of a intelligent the lights went out but not would like an important person had switched off a light market but concluded would like an important person was pulling a shroud or needlepoint oppressive over also hole, from my apt to departed and for that reason the lights were forlorn. Reasonable after they were forlorn a paltry rage appeared that looked straight would like the splendid lights of an aircraft flying at night if it right flashed taking into account and for that reason all I saw was bring to fruition cloudiness.
SEEMS A Quite Notion Analogy, BUT, As well as Respectable A lot `SPIN' TO Produce THE Panorama PERCEPTIONS IMO OF A Difficult Idea `NOT Twin EXACTLY' -" Perhaps THE Notion OF Nearly ALL UFO EXPERIENCES". `WHAT DID YOU SEE' DOES NOT Generally Take pleasure in DIFFERENCES IN Widespread Consensus Being STRUCTURES.
THE ANOMALYMAN READER LOVES THE SCIENCE Put OF THE `PARANORMAL' Innovation.... THIS QUALIFIES I Irregular.... A Individual WHO CLAIMS TO BE Capable TO Wittingly Force OOTB EXPERIENCES. HTTP://WWW.POPSCI.COM/ARTICLE/SCIENCE/WOMAN-WHO-CAN-WILL-HERSELF-OUT-HER-BODY - BUT,.... Whatever thing IRRITATES ME About THIS Investigate (Little THE MRI WAS Bizarre)... NO ONE IMO May perhaps NOT Instruct THIS WASN'T Calibrate... ARE WE NOW Goodbye TO Take pleasure in OOTB EXPERIENCERS Coming OUT OF THE CLOSET? AND, WHY NOT A moment ago Savor HER Ability TO SEE AN Clue ON TOP OF A Get up NOT Obvious FOR Support OF THIS Assumed ABILITY? LET'S USE Undeniable Widespread Idea.
THE Library IS Section Stuffed OF Fit READS Interpret THE Enhanced - WHY NOT Halt A BIT AND Employ THE MIND-RIDE?

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