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Rendlesham Forest Incident Uk
We all have heard about Roswell but I think very few people know about the 'Rendlesham Forest Incident'.Its the only other UFO incident after Roswell that has received official recognition from the government and military in both the UK and the USA. It is the most significant UFO incident ever to have occurred in the UK." I have no doubt that something landed at this U.S. Air Force base and I have no doubt that it has got the people concerned in to a considerable state. The Ministry of Defense has doggedly stuck to it's normal line, that nothing of defense interest took place. Either large numbers of people, including the commanding general at Bentwaters, were hallucinating, and for an American Air Force nuclear base, this is extremely dangerous - or what they say did happen." - Admiral Lord Hill-Norton (former chief of the British Defense Staff).Lets see what happened.In 1980 two air bases owned by the RAF, namely RAF/U.S.A.F Bentwaters and RAF/U.S.A.F Woodbridge were leased to the U.S. Air Force.At approximately 2:00a.m. on the 27th December 1980,an unidentified object was picked up by radar at RAF Watton in Norfolk (UK). The object went off the screen in the area of Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk. RAF/U.S.A.F Bentwaters also tracked the unidentified object.At approximately 3:00a.m. two U.S.A.F security guards observed unusual lights outside the back gate of RAF Woodbridge and three patrolmen were sent to investigate. These three men reported seeing a strange, glowing object seemingly of metallic appearance and of a triangular shape. They reported it being approximately two to three meters across the base and two meters tall, giving off a bright white light which illuminated the entire forest. Also it had a pulsing red light on top and a bank of blue lights underneath - it was hovering but apparently had legs. When the men approached the object it flew through the forest and out of view. But approx. after an hour it was seen again near the back gate.The object seen that night left small radiation traces on the ground and nearby trees. It also left indentations in the soft ground and damage to the trees as it manouvered. All this is recorded in the OFFICIAL documentation and on the audio tape.According to USAF security patrolmen on duty, "The object was described as being metallic in apperance and triangular in shape, approx. 2-3 meters across the base... it illuminated the entire forest with a white light, and had a pulsing red light on top and a bank(s) of blue lights underneath."(The above UFO image is made on the description given by the soldiers.)In November, 2002, the British Ministry of Defense released the "Rendlesham File" of documents related to and confirming the Rendlesham Forest incident. Its a 178 pages file.Below three images are from the file. I have uploaded the complete file on rapidshare, If you want to see the whole file ( I think, you should) then click on download.Lt. Charles Colonel Halt (Deputy Base Commander at Woodbridge),armed with a tape and a number of other servicemen witnessed the events as they unfolded - a detailed tape recording being made.This is a small part of the full transcript of the audio recording of the investigation and chase of a UFO through the forest.HALT: 01.48. We're hearing some strange sounds out of the farmers...NEVILLES: Twenty eight... seven...HALT:... barnyard animals. They're very very active and making an awful lot of noise.NEVILLES:... definite pigmentation...HALT: You saw a light? Slow down. Where, where?NEVILLES: Right on this position here. Straight ahead in between the trees...LT ENGLUND: There it is again... beginning of the gap... right thereNEVILLES: It throw the hell off my flashlight there.HALT: Hey I see it too. What is it?NEVILLES: We don't know sir.HALT: OK, it's a strange small red light, looks to be out maybe a quarter - half mile, maybe further out. I'm gonna switch off for a...HALT: The light is gone now. It was approximately 120 degrees from the site.NEVILLES: It's back again.HALT: Is it back again?NEVILLES: Yes sir.HALT: Well douse flashlights then. Let's go back to the edge of the clearing then, so we can get a better look at it. See if you can get the starscope on it. The light's still there and all the barnyard animals have gotten quiet now. We're heading about 110 -120 degrees from the site, out through the clearing now. Still getting a reading on the meter about 2 clicks. Needles jumped 3-4 clicks getting stronger.NEVILLES: Now it's stopped. Now it's coming up. Hold on, here we go. Now it's coming up about approximately 4 foot off the ground. The compass has 110 degrees.HALT: Right, I just turned the meter off. Better say that again, about 4 feet off the ground, about a 110 degrees, getting the reading of about 4 clicks.NEVILLES: Yes sir... [?] Cough; excuse me, now it's died.HALT: I... I think it's something here on the ground. I think it's something... very large...NEVILLES:... a tree right over...HALT: We just bumped into the first light that we've seen. We're about a 150 -200 yards from the site. Everything else is just deathly calm. There's no doubt about it, there's some kind of strange flashing red light ahead.NEVILLES: Yeah, It's yellow.HALT: I saw a yellow tinge in it too. Weird. It appears to be making a little bit this way?NEVILLES: Yes sir.HALT: It's brighter than it has been...It's coming this way. It's definitely coming this way.MASTER SERGEANT BALL: Pieces are shooting off.HALT: Pieces of it are shooting off.MASTER SERGEANT BALL: at about 11 o clock...HALT: There's no doubt about it; this is weird.MASTER SGT BALL: Look to the leftNEVILLES: There's two lights. One light to the right and one light to the left.HALT: Keep your flash light off. There's something very very strange. Check the headset out see if it gets any stronger. Give us...NEVILLES: OK, I have an indication that this is a vague reading tooHALT: A vague reading?NEVILLES: The cable has been removedHALT: OK... pieces are falling off it againMASTER SERGEANT BALL: It just moved to the right... went off to the rightHALT: Yeah... strange, Auh.LT ENGLUND: Went off to the right.HALT: Strange. Ahhh. One again left. Let's approach the edge of the woods at that point. Can we do without lights? Let's do it carefully, come on.. OK we're looking at the thing, we're probably about 2-3 hundred yards away. It looks like an eye winking at you, it's still moving from side to side and when we put the starscope on it, it's sort of a hollow center right, a dark center, it's...LT ENGLUND: It's like a pupil...HALT: It's like the pupil of an eye looking at you, winking.... and the flash is so bright to the starscope, that err... it almost burns your eye.HALT: We've passed the farmer's house and are crossing the next field and we now have multiple sightings of up to five lights with a similar shape and all, but they seem steady rather than pulsating a glow with a red flash. We've just crossed the creek...LT ENGLUND: Here we go...HALT: What kinda readings are we getting now? We're getting three good clicks on the meteor and we're seeing strange lights in the sky.MASTER SGT BALL: Look at the colors... shitHALT: This is unreal.Download the complete audio recording by clicking on any of the following options:Download charles halt Audio Download charles halt Audio (Site of the incident)A full report dated 13th January 1981 was sent to the British Ministry of Defense by Lt. Colonel Halt.The left image is the original one and the right side image is just a fresh copy of the original one for better view of words.The M.O.D.'s ultimate response was : "The department satisfied itself at the time that there was no reason to consider that the alleged sighting had any defense significance."Your comments are very valuable for me, so please don't forget to comment. Thanks.



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