Sunday, 13 January 2013

New Ufo Magazine On The Horizon
Holmfirth UFO expert Gary Heseltine set to launch magazineBy Nick LavigueurHuddersfield Daily Examiner5-2913 UFO EXPERT GARY HESELTINE BELIEVES THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE. Much like the popular TV series X Files, Gary has been researching unexplained flying objects and extra terrestrial activity for most of his life.While many people scoff at believers such as him, the former RAF and British Transport Policeman (BTP) believes he has evidence better than most.While still a serving officer, Gary launched a national police database of UFO sightings and now has hundreds of records of bizarre incidents, including some that were witnessed by dozens of different policemen and women at the same time.Now retired from the force, Gary, who lives in Holmfirth, has emerged as the UK's top 'ufologist'.His expertise has become internationally renowned to the point where he recently gave evidence to a panel of top politicians in Washington DC.He is now launching a new online magazine and has written a film script about Britain's most famous UFO case - the Rendlesham Forest incident....Continue Reading... See Also:Gary Heseltine - Police Officer and Ufologist Police Officer Gary Heseltine Receives UFO Award UFO NEWSPanel Takes On Animal Mutilations And Roswell Crash Citizen Hearing On [UFO] Disclosure Day 3 VIDEO SHARE YOUR UFO EXPERIENCERead more >>


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