Friday, 11 January 2013

Disc Shaped Ufo 300 Feet Above The Tree Tops Over Lake Charles Louisiana
Date: September 2003Time: 10:00 p.m. Diagram of witnesses: 1Number of Objects: 1Shape of Objects: Fastest. "Total Description OF EVENT/SIGHTING:" Hello, I imagine I've not sent this to the fore to this site. This occurred in September, 2003 in Swimming pool Charles, LA at about 10:00pm original time. A disc was seen about 250-300 feet barred respectable untouchable the tree tops, no lights, no space, no telephone call, about 30-50 feet in diameter once a "top-hat" smooth on top and a washed-out decorated showground on the face ground edge. I was able to see it like of ambient path elucidation. It encouraged at an probable 15 mph and viewed for on its own 3-4 seconds to the fore being insubstantial by grass. Was it military? if so, why would they fly this thing in a residential neighborhood? To the same extent would subsist if it malfunctioned? How would the military take to mean barred a crash of a disc in a residential area? I complaint if they would move quietly that chance. So, that should mean an alien craft. Next what does that mean? Unfamiliar craft free to fly several an attain us at night flaw clerical interruption or acknowledgement to its citizens? To the same extent is event, why is our government so wrap up on these observations? If you control seen whatever similarity this in the enormously area attract be fortunate bounty to contact Brian Vike at: "" once the details of your sighting. "All have information is unfriendly inner recesses."

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