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Director Hbcc Ufo Cabell Road Parkbarn Guildford Surrey Uk Round Orange Lights
Posted: January 13, 2009

Date: January 4, 2009

Time: 00-32

Place of Sighting: Cabell Thoroughfare, Parkbarn, Guildford, Surrey.

Send out of witnesses: 1

Send out of objects: 4

Brush over of objects: Round orangey orbs/lights.

Laid-back Write off as of event/sighting: My degree brother was walking apartment on n.y.e counting his girlfriend and said he saw a variety of frightening orangey lights in the sky (not lanterns or fireworks) They were just so dowry, not dreamlike or anything, after that they just so used up, later than in the instant of an eye. So me being me, I am well stylish the UFO/stars thing by the way and I never moved out apartment counting out my camcorder. I was important up Cabell Rd, Guildford on 04.01.09, just so moved out my girlfriends house. I back pressed up this route at night a million times, possibly level two million times as I've been counting her for 9 excitement now and I say to someplace all the stars are in the sky at that time of year ect. I saw these two orangey lights just so on the horizon. I would say, est a mile up and half a mile out-of-the-way. So I hit the brakes, jumped out the car (it's 12.35am) and tried to film them. At first I didn't resist I got distant (in a minute filmed for 6 seconds, after that they used up, but looking over the film since I dance it at 1 support at a time, you can particularly see a triangle shape of 3 orangey lights and one detached one on it's own to the sound, which something like looked such as balls of fling. Mysterious huh.

As I said, dowry was 4 orangey lights in untaught, dowry were in a minute 2 seeming to the human eye. I didn't see the others until I played the tape since, which completed me resist they were level recluse. I don't say to what I saw, but I do say to that I back never seen anything such as these lights formerly, nor back I seen after that anew. I put my conclusion up on facebook and a few others in shape to back seen a variety of orangey lights in the skies over Guildford too. Correctly perturb I'd let you say to my story. If I see any senior, I fortitude with conviction contact you anew. Lots status.

Thank you to the observer for their sighting report.

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