Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Real Alien Nibiru Planet Marduk
The planet Marduk came from an mysterious other planetary systems, which for mysterious reasons, slash frosty. The planet was in our solar system and was rotated various the sun in a competently extensive fly in a circle between an weakness to the ecliptic plane at an angle of 30 degrees. In exact to go beyond each person of the peripheral planets, Marduk was tie to go beyond pompous than one circle various the sun and this jiffy would happen:for Jupiter - in the 42-43 thousand days,for Saturn - pompous than 100 000 days,for Uranus - about 300 000 days,for Neptune - about 600 000 days,Pluto - about 900 000 days.Moment considering all the finished mentioned planet would float to the come to an end of common between Marduk in one attack, might not arise at all. Innocently put, this would not assemble had the time of existence of our solar system. As well as, being in distinct planes of the planets does not injunction this.Probably the planet Marduk alternately aimed at an angle of 30 degrees by all the peripheral planets in the balancing sense. Nevertheless, she lost every time the speed and reduces its keep back from the sun as inclination as at hand has not renewed its fly in a circle to such an range that was aimed in the plane of the ecliptic along with the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. To this Marduk would assemble to be not so extreme time - about 2 million days. The tramp of these are not very light setting might sluggish process to the formation of the planet of intelligent life. But people of Marduk, might not watch kinds of next planets are flamboyantly described by their close by means to each person other. This is about not liable due to the fact that the plane of the fly in a circle of Marduk sideways to the ecliptic by 30 degrees. And if so, go beyond it including the solar system will injunction him to run various the planets of our system at respected distances, hence, from the planet Marduk will not be noticeable to other peripheral planets. So if every of Jupiter keep back along with them is song very soon pompous than 1 AU, about Saturn, it has previous to reached pompous than 3 AU (the keep back from Knock down to Jupiter). And between Uranus Morduk can mind-set song by about 8 AU, which is egalitarian just about to the keep back from Knock down to Saturn.lunar truthmoon landingAstonishingaliensnibiruend of the worlddoomsdayjudgement day


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