Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Chilliwack British Columbia Beams Of Lights
Posted: Information 3, 2009Date: Deferred July 2003Time: Fair-minded previously midnight.I entry up on the website you stomach about these pun lights, I in my opinion seen them but my sighting differs from the rest. I am located in Chilliwack, B.C. a curt assistance west then the other sightings. This may not level be the precise thing at all.It was late at night probably previously midnight and I saw a twosome ashen lights subsequent diagonally the sky as far as I may well see every ways. It was not a concrete orb of light or a transportation object, it was a very multihued light that traveled from horizon to horizon rapidly, it did not clasp any time to cross diagonally the sky.As seeing about 5 of these, I told my set off what I was seeing so he may well besides see it and assume me for example I told him. We watched for a few greater account afterward void, but then it happened another time afterward about 11 bursts of light diagonally the sky. All of these lights somewhere multihued resolved ashen and after the ashen flashes died down I besides seen a multihued red light subsequent diagonally, but I solitary seen this considering.I am eternally wondering what the source of these flashes were, I stomach bring to an end a lot of research on new weapon's and reasonable out of ventilate preventive systems but this does not appearance to able-bodied up afterward any.I carefulness I would hand out what I seen afterward you, hopeful this can assistance aid you, this is not the solitary pun sighting I stomach seen. I stomach seen concrete orbs of light observe in one situate then in seconds move distances no earth space craft may well. To boot I stomach seen a few objects advance prematurely my eyes. Loveliness.Thank you to the onlooker for their sighting report.Brian Vike, Lead HBCC UFO Depart and large number of the Vike Hit it off UFO Spectator radio show. email: Blog: HBCC UFO Depart, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

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