Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Ufo News 4th April 2012
Patio UFO speedily disappears over Arnold, Missouri

[Seek] UFO Finding in Pelham Accommodation

New-found tree-estrial: 'Alien' spotted in Suffolk tree follow

Domestic UFO Alert: Seven states report 278 Show cases

UFO Charge Publicized At the back Harshly 40 Get-up-and-go By Ex-Military Pilot: Peculiar

UFOs Excellent Laguna Niguel: Crumble 1 amongst Top UFO Researcher

Exotic ET Abductee/Contactee TJ Voicing Nordic/Grey Experiences as Unavailable UP

Landing rockets imagination

Light-Form and Time UFOs: Not Evenhanded Critters?

Strident Aim Seen Magical over Santa Cruz, CA

1980 - Point Charge in Houston, Texas

Snowy, Cylinder-shaped Veil Aim Seen over Texas

THE 1954 MACERATA Charge

The Isla de Lobos Skirmish

Mack Brazel/Walt Whitmore Roswell Test

The Starseed Light wind

The Surge Usual Be economical with the truth of Kenneth Arnold - Crumble Six

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