Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Thirteen Ufos Spinning In The Skies Uk
Now theres a UFO sighting almost every day in Britain! Whats going on?


A SHAKEN soldier told last night how he saw THIRTEEN UFOs spinning in the skies above his military barracks.

Corporal Mark Proctor was among three squaddies who spotted the objects while out on night patrol.

He filmed them on his mobile phone and reported the close encounter to Army top brass.Ministry of Defence experts were studying his report and video yesterday - after ordering Mark and his pals NOT to say anything else about the incident.

See video here

Link to story

UFO expert Nick Pope studied The Sun's amazing footage last night and said: "Now there HAS to be an official inquiry."

Nick, who spent three years as official UFO investigator at the Ministry of Defence, said after viewing film shot by soldiers in Shropshire: "The MoD and Civil Aviation Authority need to look at this.

"They need to interview witnesses, analyse the film and check both civil and military radar to see if any unusual activity was logged.

"An important factor is that this was shot from a military base - and the military tend to make good witnesses.

"This object seems to be pulsing through virtually the entire spectrum and that's unusual. It's not something an ordinary aircraft or satellite would do, and it's too slow to be a meteor or a shooting star."Therealworldno.blogspot.com


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