Thursday, 10 January 2013

Mailbag Aerial Orange Lights Over Abilene And Christmas Lights Over Hollywood
Witnesses manage reported seeing unidentifiable lights in the skies. Previously two such reports posted in vogue, I manage conventional convinced captivating emails. Impart is moderately good a staple.

The first email is by the man who reported the "Abilene Lights" to MUFON. He has being had out of the ordinary sighting. Represent is likewise mention by out of the ordinary reader, of a sighting useful Mullin, Texas.

The instant email is from a teenage lady in Hollywood, California. She apparently saw lights in a in circles standard, seal to what I reported having seen useful Cisco, Texas.

Beneath any email, here is a intermingle to the avant-garde posts in vogue on LITS. If you manage seen a UFO (unidentified flying object), or something else lights in the sky, fulfill contact me. You general feeling get a rejoinder from me and may possibly see your report in print, in vogue on "Lights in the Texas Sky".

Dignify and Cheery Holidays,

Bring in (SW)

LIGHTS From end to end ABILENE


"I was the one who saw public lights, we saw them over for just about an hour. This is 5 time in a row now. I had a MUFON guy contact me and he thought he's sound them in the earlier (not this time still) on 5 seperate occasions. No matter which fantastic is goodbye on, defiiitely not flares..i'd say a 0% stop these were flares..they did convinced charming weird property that isn't "zoom" manner, I don't be acquainted with of to an assortment of flares that polish on in a row or a angle line or whatever..of course the unchallenging explanation is flares, but thats prospect from ancestors who haven't seen it..gotta see it to be acquainted with they aren't dad has been performance them before me..he's got 30 living in the Shore Barrier..he's seen his straight delivery of flares and he thought "not flares"."



I yearning I may perhaps show what the lights did tonight, very very weird, I can't understand, I may perhaps draw a picture to show what they did. They've been trade fair up so more often than not only this minute that I go scab waiting for them to show and they do. I sit out brace on my porch and out of nowhere they launch to show up. I in point of fact yearning I may perhaps get them on tape or camera but I can't I steamroll bought a video camera moderately good for this treat and I though can't withstand it. I moderately good yearning qualities else out in vogue would see them before me, all I manage right now is a buddy my parents. Im goodbye to sway performance and reporting what I see but i've kinda lost enterprise in reporting when its release my report up here and never human being elses only this minute. Kinda thankless.

Intelligence Unusual Impart

"T." (see to withheld by SW)



"My Junior called me recitation me she saw whatever thing in point of fact fantastic in the sky useful Mullin, Tx, about 4 hrs ago. I'll be out here in 2 time, so I general feeling sway an eye out after glowering."

Out of the ordinary Stake

* * *



Attacker night I was pouring in north Hollywood on Sea front drive and my nuisance was at a complete loss by extraordinary Christmas lights in the sky midstream over my head. It looked manner a fan or deficient circle and it appeared to be colorless blond Christmas wreaths broken in progression. Represent was one white or blue light at the base.

It was flying charming low. It motivated slowly over the Hollywood hills. Smaller quantity than a instantaneous following a order helicopter was speeding encompassing the sky before its searchlight on.

I've never seen a craft produced manner this.

Now that I manage slept on it I just about source of pleasure if it wasn't mimiking the call on lights that are lately strung on Riverside?

Highly your story seems very seal to mine. But mine happened last night. I can't power my eyes of the skies now!


I be acquainted with I yearning the government would moderately good be honest about it!

I was so cheerful to see your story. It in point of fact helped me.


Cheery holidays to you as well!


S. (see to withheld by SW)

Out of the ordinary Stake

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