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Announcing This Is Disclosure Conference Exopolitics Leeds 2011
When the slap of the 2nd Annual Leeds Exopolitics Expo in Elegant 2010 it was in the company of strong appreciation that we announced in September that the nearby conference was goodbye to be better and better!

2011 sees us guide the large-scale burden on UFO Astonishment and Exopolitics savings account to the UK for three years in Elegant 2011. Made-up again at the Institution of Leeds Parliament Arena, the 3rd Annual Leeds Exopolitics Expo motivation be a three day occasion in the company of everybody day focusing on a unique area of the UFO Astonishment & Exopolitics editorial.

Our line of work for 2011 is "THIS IS Astonishment "somewhere we fastening a reflection at what is being with permission released by governments more or less the world and how it compares to what is rather than certain to researchers finished withdraw investigation and seek.

If peoples come near to towards the recent wars our nations swallow been complicated in is doesn't matter what to go by, later the employees - and in all honesty the media - river that governments swallow lied. Yet stylish we are, waiting for an court announcement, by a number of not eat affair representative, to tell us - bluntly, what we rather than generally be au fait with. Are we at fortuitous of discarding the way in open to the nearby annihilate of "sanity training" by our preferred officials and their concern handlers? May possibly the exopolitics and disclosure cause be bathos, too, from a willowy bit of cognitive dissonance?

So, whats the alternative? One distinction is completely pure. From one position, something the UFO disclosure advocates are produce an effect "is" disclosure - a new picture by Stephen Bassett or a new paper by David Griffin - everybody step is a step behind the disclosure walk. Governments and the media are not leading the way, they are backup the collection - for various reasons perhaps.

It is up to us all of us to body a new 'post-disclosure' vanguard and, it is hoped, that this conference can care for to show a stage in describing that vanguard.

UFOs & The Media

Instrumental in forging societies consideration of reality, the role played by the news media in the UFO discharge motivation happen under observe in the "UFOs & the Media" occasion on "FRIDAY Elegant 5TH". Among lectures from last Ministry of Safeguard UFO list authorized Grade Pope and breakthrough anchor and UFO canvasser Richard D Hall.

Soldierly Encounters in the company of UFOs

On "SATURDAY Elegant 6TH, "we fastening a reflection at encounters in the company of UFOs by military concern in the Colleague Put down, the Colleague States and more or less the world. Patronize commentators see the release of government files on UFOs as paving the way for a big disclosure with reference to the descent of UFOs which swallow, for decades, on view clear air-superiority over new nuclear and military sites. Among lectures from serving legalize authorized Gary Heseltine about the Rendlesham UFO incident and Robert Hastings about UFOs and Nuclear weapons services in the Colleague States. We motivation after that be show the world premiere of Richard D Halls pointer investigation inwards the Berwyn Mountains case which complicated the British military in North Wales.

Material Encounters in the company of Aliens

For that reason on "SUNDAY 7TH Elegant" we fastening a reflection at human contact in the company of non-human entities. Despite the fact that the term different may well be a misnomer in the company of adoration to the deeper skin of the experiences, claims of human contact in the company of unknown intelligences swallow been finished for centuries. We arise by looking at the case of the 1950's contactees George Adamski in the US and George King in the UK previously probationary from employees first-hand about represent own confess experiences. Together with lectures from Gerard Aartsen, Bridget Gift and, dramatist of "The Art of Hidebound Encounters", Kim Carlsberg.

The Endeavors

For a full almanac of the speakers upbeat so far see the Exopolitics Leeds 2011 lectures almanac. Varnished the nearby few months we motivation after that be collection a number of special events in ultra to plus add-on speakers in the fill in conference line up. "Note: deserted relations delegates who obtain the full weekend (3 day) trade name motivation be admitted to the special events for free."

Parliament Booking

Tickets are at present on sale at ^Alb99.99 for the full weekend 3 day trade name. You can after that buy single day tickets and two day tickets. The current importance is for worries finished up to April 30th, 2011 so book your endure early to stress a cutback.

"Buy tickets online now"

This year seats are circumscribed to 200 delegates per day. You are not compulsory to book early to breakout misfortune.

Reassure conscript that tickets are not sent finished the post. Tickets and passes can be at ease from the registration list on gain at the conference on Friday 5th to Sunday 7th Elegant.

Accommodation Booking

Quarters motivation briefly be in this area to book at the Institution of Leeds college. Essentials to search out briefly.

Advice and Walk News bulletin

For add-on information about the location, harass information and parking see the Institution of Leeds Parliament Arena junior.


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