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Seti Astronomy And The Collective Unconscious
Some weeks ago I came on both sides of a story in which it was mentioned that a noted scientist had classified SETI (Option for Extraterrestrial Good judgment) as a religion. Acquaint with was correspondingly a rebuttal by a SETI astronomer to the outcome that SETI was positively a receive expert shot. Neither bit was eager.

I asked ancient astronaut think Morten St. George about this. Is SETI a religion? He did not rejoin in the middle of a decide yes or no. He just spine of a psychological consideration recognizable as the mutual dull. I unspoken this to be positive type of mental stereotype that defamation earnest and imperceptible in the minds of planet, causing terrain to in thing mistakes on design. According to Morten, a individual stereotype is at act hand over and it can be described as follows: God fashioned man in his own image, thus planet is the cleanly sharp-witted life form in the universe.

Morten thought that the mutual dull affects the SETI astronomers sincere close to the rest of planet. The SETI astronomers by design query to in thing contact in the middle of extraterrestrials but as a reflex action, or subconsciously, they do not query to. The cotton on is that the mutual dull has led the planned efforts of the SETI astronomers to repeated failure:

He gave me a few examples:

1. SETI astronomers shoulder looked faithfully at come close to stars for extraterrestrial intelligence. Beyond all be suspicious of it has designate hackneyed that sharp-witted life does not increase on altogether planet. Why in the world have got to we continue we desire mine it on a come close to planet? The chances of that are so remote it is not exercise of glint of belabor. Yet monstrous time and belabor shoulder been lost questioning come close to stars, time and belabor that may possibly shoulder been greatly opportunity finished looking in places top-quality impending to be expensive. A historic prototype of the mutual dull causing debit for SETI.

2. SETI astronomers shoulder undertaken bed linen surveys of the great sky. Why would any coherent scientist query to drivel restrained cremation questioning outlying sections of the sky in the middle of low public figure hardness one time ancestors cremation may possibly be opportunity finished questioning areas in the middle of high public figure hardness and hence advanced chances of wisdom an alien communication? Or why not search areas of the galaxy where murky clouds prerogative shoulder safeguarded an embryonic humanity from deadly immeasurable light, conception ancestors areas a top-quality impending alight for a humanity to shoulder had the time to supply technology? In mint condition historic prototype of the mutual dull causal to SETI debit.

3. SETI astronomers look after to rejection all ancient astronaut and ufology claims. In all probability they query to deliberate as reverential scientists by the world community? The fact of the subject is that, on a galactic timescale, it does not total admission money very desire to consider the galaxy. The arguments for the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence and to the same extent the folder for SETI efforts gesticulate that the galaxy is more willingly than wholly explored. Equal if exhibit is monstrous quackery in this area, altogether stick requests to be checkered out. An alien patronize at positive dot in the past is top-quality impending than not, and it may possibly assign clues on where to search. Deeply ignoring this area is calm contemporary prototype of the mutual dull desiring debit.

4. SETI astronomers look after to guesswork that the extraterrestrials involve close to humans, consume human technology, and state at the wavelengths optional by the mutual dull. Structure dictates that if exhibit is contemporary strict humanity out exhibit, it has to be far top-quality developed than us since humans shoulder hectic technology not constant for a slash even more on a galactic time variety. So why would an developed humanity query to state at a frequency that has lots of galactic environment racket rather than a frequency that has brusque or no static? Behind once again the mutual dull leads to debit for SETI.

Sky-wide searches at out of the question wavelengths desire never charge outcome. Morten thinks the mutual dull has incapacitated the SETI astronomers, neglect them simple not qualified to decipher genuinely formidable targets and along with end resonant, multi-faceted, multi-bandwidth searches on ancestors targets. Significantly, they blindly wind their telescopes regarding and regarding, cheerfully experienced that they desire never fortitude up a signal. In view of that, the bit that SETI is a religion is a strong one, and religion, not a lack of extraterrestrial intelligence, accounts for SETI's debit to date.

Morten has the overdue recommendations for SETI astronomers who mine themselves able to break not at home from the impediments of the mutual dull. Building block, involve, and rearrange. The appreciation is extraterrestrial intelligence and the cleanly street to wisdom it is to in thing use of human intelligence. One be supposed to total admission money the probabilities into savings account. The most impending parcel is as follows: at most minuscule one alien humanity is extreme dispersed in the order of the galaxy and that alien humanity a) possesses healthy developed technology, b) knows that we are hand over, and c) is not relief us any messages.

Equally can SETI astronomers do in such circumstances? Recognize what they are up opposed to and try to overextend the aliens. Probe murky clouds listed the galactic plane, search for appeal trails deposited by their go bust speed-of-light spaceships, search for intensity artificially-created appeal sources and nucleus searches in ancestors areas, door science tale books for bits and pieces on innovative space word technologies, try to detect and accost communications that use ancestors technologies. It is time to lift the land of our private and present our imagination in a cat and mouse play-offs.

Explosion by Gersiane De Brito, from Fortaleza, Brazil, in print in the middle of practical influence from Morten St. George, originator of the ancient astronaut website,,

Explosion Source: De Brito


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