Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Former President Dwight D
Principal Head Dwight D. Eisenhower great-granddaughter has bare her attempted recruitment arrived a secret Mars domination project.50 years supply in self-same month of February UFO landed in front line of past U.S. Head Eisenhower and other officials at Holloman Air force DaisAnd now in a community fees, Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, great-granddaughter of past Head Dwight David Eisenhower, has bare her attempted recruitment from April 2006 sad January 2007 by a secret Mars domination project. Be on your feet rendezvous Mr. Robert Dean alike told world media in Barcelona exopolitics league that Mars be full of Interplanetary Workstation.Ms. Eisenhower's record of her targeting by time proceed examination and attempted regulation by expert intelligence agents joined to a Mars domination project were shown in an ExopoliticsRadio.org ballot, and in an fulfill in print fees at Ms. Eisenhower's website.Ki' Lia, a Stanford-educated visual artist, prophetic and join together of Ms. Eisenhower, has provided a corroborating first hand soundtrack record of her and Ms. Eisenhower's attempted recruitment arrived a secret human leftover domination on Mars, safe at Ki' Lia's website.The apparent aspiration of the secret Mars domination was to distribute a leftover culture for the human squirt on Hideaway in the job of a planned (such as HAARP or bio-weapon induced) or relaxed mayhem (such as by solar flares) that asset depopulate the Hideaway.In telltale these secret Mars domination plans, Ms. Eisenhower and Ki' Lia be full of emerged to join a growing cadre of discrete cylinder blowers disclosing secret technologies and extraterrestrial-related sly operations of U.S. military-intelligence agencies and multinational entities.The revelations of Ms. Eisenhower and Ki' Lia espousal discrete cylinder blower revelations finished by lawyer Andrew D. Basiago of sly U.S. government examination of supporter inhabit of be of special concern to by the use of secret time proceed technology. Their allegations are alike commonsensical not later than disclosures finished by Mr. Basiago that bend in 1981 he teleported from a CIA volume in El Segundo, CA to a secret U.S. base on Mars, first by himself, and along with a instant time in the party of CIA instrument Courtney M. Search.According to her, my great-grandfather Head Ike, who was alike the Navy sweeping who led the Partner in crime Armed forces to invasion over Hitler, battled testing disreputable powers on Hideaway and took on clear of the most grueling scenarios in history. As I grew up, I might good sense that I was finishing this rush that has ancient heredity.At the same time as Hitler died and the Nazis lost power- the entities in the midst of those that were ET/Extraterrestrial did not. They continued to rule hosts and verbalize agreements not later than fly who were a chapter of the races of the patriarch and By and large Special - who standard to run possessions sad apprehension devices, control and the control of Sophia or the quantity of the Delightful Female."Lush Meeting All over the place :


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