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Let Solve A Major Component Of The Ufo Mystery Once And For All
So, it occurs to me, that we shoulder it inside our board to spirit in the manner of ruler demonstrability a sickening issue of the UFO mystery.

At home the pantheon of the UFO mystery deception three sickening components:

(1) UFOs are everything furthest (aliens, interdimensional, shifts in human being, demons, angels, tulpas, or fantastic shit we can't easy see of).

(2) Psychological operations by intelligence agencies.

(3) Actual live technology built by men and women honorable like you an me, in the manner of our tax dollars, by the likes of Boeing and other sickening defense contractors.

Now, we can't do a damned thing about one or two. But three...that is one we can solve.

If we shoulder actually built gaping to nobleness UFOs next they stage untreated technology that does not transgress any lessons of expert theory. These are real craft in time and space that don't shoulder what on earth to do in the manner of fantastic interdimensional hoodoo or any other bizarro nonsense.

Separate run of the groan non-human tumble UFOs (type 1) these man made craft stage everything we can appreciation, discover, be pleased about, spirit, reveal and conclusively work out in the manner of wholly demonstrability inside our existence.

In planning of the UFO phenomenon I am habitually thrown by how plentiful relations soul honorable tinkle off 'oh, it's possibly everything we built'.

I am thrown so I shoulder yet to see any evidence to hearten that theory.

I am not lone methodical, but without favoritism acquiescent, to the fact that we soul possibly never work out or be pleased about what on earth about the perfect unknown mystery depressed the real (type 1) UFO phenomenon.

On the other hand, if my neighbors, family, brother, and tax dollars shoulder all been at work quarters real live UFOs that exist in time and space and fly brutally, escorted by 23 helicopters, that is everything we wholly can, in the manner of take notes research and investigation, spirit.

Alluding subsequent to issue #2 (psy-ops) if we do shoulder our own pretend UFOs next it is smooth well-mannered to under the trees that stuff like MJ-12 and other nonsense exist for the most part to garbage dump relations off the smell of investigating the real, hard, cool, nuts and bolts craft we (simultaneously as tax payers) shoulder ahead of built and flown in the afterward decades.

Now, intuitively, I do not work we shoulder more than so. I see no concentrated evidence to hearten this theory. Yet, I reveal it humorous that in the face of basically no evidence to hearten this theory, just about every person you natter to in the UFO make somewhere your home seems to work that this is a professional fact.

Chastely how is that so?

Let us display the history to hearten the notion that our military contractors shoulder built gaping to God flying saucers which ponder flight spirit that guess to transgress the at the end professional laws of physics.

Acknowledgment For:

(1) Dr. Steven Greer says he knows this as fact and all of his insiders tell him so. His insiders in addition tell him that not lone do we shoulder ARVs (alien book vehicles) we shoulder in addition formed our own contrived alien beings.

Stoppable to say, I don't reveal this line of evidence like a house on fire concentrated.

(2) Ben Lively of Skunkworks projection whispered so. That's an multi-colored statute from Ben Lively, but next relations say all kinds of illogical hearsay stuff (see onwards message)

(3) The Cash-Lundrum case. I assume the lone solitary expression of concentrated evidence that a UFO brawn well shoulder been everything of 'ours'. Forced, put forward are lots of reports of jets being knotty to quest UFOs (and regularly enfeeble) but this is the lone problem where a huge flotilla of helicopters was escorting one.

Introduce is a real mystery in the Cash-Lundrum case, and it is certainly indicative. Stagnant, it is honorable this one case and it unconventionally is not categorical.

(4) I don't shoulder a 'four'. I not wide awake of any concentrated evidence to hearten the target that we shoulder our own UFOs. Do we shoulder secret military aircraft? Forced, of course. But UFOs that transgress the professional laws of physics as we at the end be pleased about it? Not so considerably...

So, what is the evidence *against* us having our very own burrow built UFOs?

(1) The reported flight spirit of UFOs transgress the professional laws of physics. Introduce exists no professional published expert theory or pilot evidence that easy begins to decode the routine reported by these UFOs (see the Phoenix lights case, for message.)

(2) Take part last secrets. Your damn sure they do. But scientists in general do not. In the expert world it is publish or dissolve. The expert make somewhere your home does not last stuff like a house on fire soothe soothe. If a technology existed which may perhaps hearten these kinds of propulsion put forward would be at smallest a number of contact of it in the expert literature and make somewhere your home. Zip like this exists.

(3) Take part last secrets. Yes they do. But, over time, a number of relations talk. They rotation upset, disenfranchised, or honorable clear-cut human and plea to let person work out. If we are quarters our own UFOs, this isn't a regard of honorable a handful of relations mature about it. We are sermon about tens of thousands of engineers, and multitude. In the Cash-Lundrum case, how plentiful relations ought to shoulder professional about that operation? Obviously every person flying the helicopters, not to create whoever was flying the UFO. How about all of the relations who hypothetical and built that UFO?

So, now we are usual to work that something like the all-inclusive military profitable matted we shoulder tens upon tens of thousands of engineers, scientists, and military variety and not *ONE* not a solitary one habitually let leak easy the lowest tale?

Reveal how considerably myths we shoulder generated brutally Roswell, Socorro and other mainstream UFO cases. Introduce want honestly be honorable as considerably, if not vastly completed, myths built brutally the men and women who hypothetical, built, and flew these held American made UFOs.

But, all we shoulder is Dr. Steven Greer verbalize "I shoulder secret sources."

That's attentively concentrated evidence.

And, contemporary we are sermon about completed than honorable stories but real hard and cool technology. It doesn't bill what on earth for person to understandably tell a tall tale claiming they 'worked on a UFO at Tributary 51'. That's pretty out of use.

But, if instead, person rightly reveals real expert indulgent, theory, and mathematics depressed this technology, that is actually more exactly everything else.

So, do we shoulder that? No way in hell. All we shoulder it Bob Lazar symptomatic of bullshit stories about Parcel 115.

........ So put forward it is...

Pride yourself on we built UFOs in the manner of our tax dollars? Yes or No?

If the result in reality is yes, next this, something else the perfect inscrutable UFO phenomenon of lately unknown tumble and search by furthest, can be answered.

We can solve the pretend UFO hardship. If it exists, it can be solved. If we are sermon about perfect nuts & bolts man made UFOs, made by Boeing, Lockheed, and other defense contractors, we can get to the base of this.

It was hypothetical by your neighbors, family, and co-workers.

Perhaps, honorable maybe, the UFO make somewhere your home at magnificent want discontinue chasing murky, discontinue dropping for psychological operations to garbage dump relations off the smell, and instead twirl on real nuts & bolts UFOs that can be answered in our existence fluff hard edged science and tentative lettering.

Let's get to work guys.....or...maybe the overall target of us having our own UFOs is a load of horseshit and we want discontinue passing through it as an petition for the mystery depressed the real phenomenon.


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