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Ufology Jose Caravacand The Betty Hill Star Map

Jose Caravaca provided this journal image to us:

Past I told him that we had an "infer" about the Knoll abduction online gift (earliest on), at this blog and at our RRRGroup blog, he required it out and found the map we purpose was displayed at the government offices someplace Betty Knoll worked, and which she integrated taking part in her "assemble" as the alien "star map."

This is the map:

It is a picture of Earth War II troop evolution.

Coupled along with the earliest Knoll unfolding that the Hill's "abductors" had the face of uniformed military, in the vein of to that of the Nazi's, along with a facial chart that confined to a small area, in Betty's first accounts, a Jewish idyllic - sizeable Jimmy Durante-like noses, Jose Caravaca and I picture that the Knoll UFO repayment, in addition to the perfectly touted "star map," needs a run.

Senor Caravaca worked on our WWII map, overlaying it along with the drawing of Betty Hill's star map.

Award are his (superior) renderings:

In the same way as the Nazi association, the (maybe) Jewish idyllic, and the Earth War II map, one can impulsion a (speculative) case, which we support already done, some time ago, that the Knoll "abduction" is based on a vexing matter, maybe a racially aggravated attack - the Hill's were a mixed-marriage couple (he, African-American, she ashy) as you identify with - and the matter reconfigured by Betty Knoll, usually, deriving from internalized images she garnered from her science potion interests.

Jose Caravaca believes that the Knoll "abduction" is an appraise of his "Inaccurate representation Make" which you can pronounce at his blog - The Caravaca Collection (

Here's how he put to me, in an e-mail:

I grasp that the Hills had "live" experiences induced by each person other, reliving clairvoyant unrefined belonging to every one.

I bet the Hills, one or every one, saw a report on the 2nd Earth War in the life or weeks to the lead their "encounter."

Reviewing the slaughter working by Nazi healing teams in use camps, diverse for pregnancy -- organize was an assessment in the vein of to that described by Betty Knoll -- I do picture that the assemble of the Hills may support been the answer of an "apparition."

Each experienced a phenomenon of vaudeville.

I picture all cases, if analyzed in potency, be inflicted with details as we support found in most UFO experiences and are built on human clairvoyant unrefined.

For appraise, the case of Juan Gonzalez Santos, the document seeing a VDT documentary on the Apollo XI commission a week to the lead his UFO matter. In this manner, his assemble has details of a space commission. It is all due to vaudeville.

At any rate, the Hills had a crass assemble, by a long shot. I don't picture Betty Knoll concocted and maintained a put-on hoax.

But what she and Barney Knoll was subjected to is (quiet) honest to interpretation, regardless of the convincing valuable - an extraterrestrial encounter -- that natives such as Stan Friedman exercise to the "matter."


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