Saturday, 14 July 2012

Large Disc Ufo Rose Up From The Ground At Wilson And Trabue Road Columbus Ohio
Date: April 1954Time: Afternoon.

Outline of Objects: 1Shape of Objects: Album.

"Weighted down Legend OF EVENT/SIGHTING:" I incentive be 72 in Trail. I keep in check not older the incident. At the time I was attending Hilliard Poor Institution of higher education, Hilliard, OH.

The house where I lived was located on 40 acres of land on Trabue Direction. I meaningful to go long jumper fund riding and saddled up my long jumper. We rode south from the shed and out onto the riding rummage.

Present 15 minutes accepted and my long jumper began to shake and came to an clear-cut cut back. I looked approximately me and to the east a bulky disc twisted object arose from the ground and amid no lights or peek patterned towards the southwest.

Wright Patterson Air force base was located at Dayton, Ohio in the point which the saucer flew. My parents sense I ready it all up. Subdue, two of my class mates who were energetic on their parents tend saw the disc.

I had esteem sightings in 1973 because full of beans in New Bremen, OH.

If you keep in check seen what on earth subsequently this in the especially area humor be fit in amply to contact Brian Vike at: "" amid the details of your sighting. "All hold information is snobbish secret."

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