Monday, 16 July 2012

Ufo News Clippings And Giant Egg
Hi everybody, Im busy at the moment sorting out the images for powerpoint, as Im determined to

get my talks right, in order to not to run out of time.

Im talking on the Kate Valentine radio show from the Newy York area, it can be found easily on the net should anyone like to listen. Its at 6pm Wednesday looking forward to it.

Jools the lady with the budgies has not been well and tells me that she is waiting an operation.

My thoughts go out to her she is one of the unsung heroes of Haunted Skies. Keith my son has sent a photo of a giant egg, no its not a rubber one or any photoshop manipulation.]

The letter is by way of reply sent to Andrew Bryce Cherry who sighted a UFO(s) with apparent occupants sat in front of a display panel in Edinburgh in July 1947. And the photo to the right is what was seen on the 17th of July 1955 by my friend Margaret FRY. Above it were the illustrations provided by Doris Jacques on the 14th of July 1955 following her sighting. When will Authority be ready to admit, whatever 'they are' they are already here! How much longer can we ignore the evidence that stares us in the face- time will tell......


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