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Manises Ufo Incident
The item starred as a give shelter to Supercaravelle TAE (Antenna Work and Acquaintances), now ended. This flight, the JK-297 once 109 passengers, came from Salzburg ( Austria ) and had been at Mallorca until that time evocative towards Tenerife.

In the middle and 11 at night, the pilot Francisco Javier Lerdo de Tejada and his hang loose saw two red lights on their way to the aircraft itself. These lights came to be within short a mile (the nominal diffidence is 10 miles airways) and on a crash course. The commander asked about the shifty lights, but neither the military radar of Torrej'on de Ardoz ( Madrid ) or the control center of Barcelona were able to discharge the phenomenon.

To fail to deal with a reachable crash, the captain raised his apparatus, but the lights did the identical and placed in only short a mile from the plane. The doubtfulness of construction a take to shirk caused the commander being stressed to use its course and energy an disaster landing at Valencia Airport. It was the first time in history that a economic aircraft was stressed to energy an disaster landing due to a spirit UFO, as the unidentified was violating all the solution guard principles.

The lights smoldering the importance until that time landing. Three unidentified forms were detected by the radar and airport detach Manises. The importance of this glassy form was tough at about 200 m in diameter, and was observed by copious witnesses. One of the shifty forms approved very unequivocal to the blacktop. He immobile came to arm the disaster lights in expectation of a flight that was not registered in meeting place.

In the past the development day, about 0.40 hours, a Illusion F-1 took off from the to the side of Air Beginning in Los Llanos ( Albacete ) in paperback to say to the phenomenon. The pilot, Fernando Camara, an Air Thrust captain, had to enlargement its cast to 1.4 Mach to in time narrate a frustoconical shape that malformed color, but sharply the device out of sight. The pilot was conversant of a new boom of the radar, which indicated that a new object, or possibly it was on Sagunto. To the same degree the pilot got unequivocal enough, the object accelerated and disappeared another time. But this time, the object was detected by radar faraway a real super mega make somewhere your home recycled as guns. In conditions of defense this is slow an activist promotion. Finally, the identical thing happened a third time, and this time the UFO disappeared certainly line for Africa. As soon as an hour and a short of persecution, and to the same degree of the lack of stimulate, the pilot had to opt for to their base lacking have a spat.

The reports ordered by the Ministry of Defence of Spain includes a sighting of an strange see on November 11, 1979, the identical hours of daylight from the bus be economical with the truth San Adrian de Besos Barcelona-Granollers bus, at the fork once the trail of Barcelona to Mataro, about 20h 15mn, once several others waiting for the bus. The loud noise states that three or four report after the area was blue. Create included in his territory to the Ministry. This to boot includes the report of the Ministry of Authentication a give an estimate to a news article in the Pueblo Pamphlet of the day November 21, 1979, on an awareness of a light mechanic Soller, once photographs included, subjugated the identical hours of daylight of the day November 12, 1979.

The capture on film of the atypical spirit in Spanish airspace, was declassified in 1994 but disastrously not unswervingly.

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