Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Aliens As A Species Part 2 The Greys
Seen more often than any other entity, the Grey Alien supposedly responsible for abductions and mutilations of cattle and other animals has been seen all around the world.Build of the grey is said to be between three and five feet although there have been reports of smaller beings as little as two feet tall. Typically called grey because of the distinguished colour, it really is nearer to reddish brown with streaks of grey almost marbled in a fashion. Almond shaped eyes that are piercing and intensely dark, with a slim neck and limp elongated arms.The arms or limbs are described as being lengthy beyond the knee and this creature has also been misinterpreted as a praying mantis like being, consider the arms extended above the waist line and it becomes clear why it has been described so. Often seen either in or on farm land with implements fitted about cattle whilst going about relieving the animal of it's blood and often it internal organs.Also claimed to have been seen in UFOs after an abduction as in the case of Travis Walton who was abducted whilst his working friends watched helplessly as he rose in the air toward the craft.Travis reappeared several days later somewhat dazed after his experience. So are the greys for real or just someone's imagination and if so where do they emanate from ? By all accounts they have been reported as telling abductees that they originate from Zeta Reticuli, this star system is only viewed from the southern hemisphere and is approximately thirty nine light years away from the Earth. More than likely they are real, Alien Greys in various sizes may be a race all of it's own however there have been reports of them assisting humanoid type Aliens. Whether this assisting humanoid types is a regular feature or the humanoids are actually responsible for the creation of the greys can only be speculated on, I personally believe they are cloned beings that have been created for the use of humanoids, Greys would then be the drones of the queens so to speak. Consider your self a visitor to a Planet where atrocities often take place both in wartime and out of war time, wouldn't you send something with no real value as a front line of defence and to investigate the beings on that planet first.

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