Thursday, 27 December 2012

Ufos Over Indian Head In Maryland 28 May 2011
UFO SIGHTINGS 2011 - New video of possible UFO activity over Indian Head in Maryland. This was recorded on Saturday, 28th May 2011.Keep information report: "I live in Indian head, md. Deep-rooted night portray were these luminous balls of light in the sky. These order were out in my find a bed tabled after that the fire classification, tabled after that average about a person in the find a bed, looking up in the sky. The balls of light were luminous Yellow, line of such as lively. But for undeniable reason the color orange or the lively didn't show in the video. Offer were 6 of them but I sole captured 4 on my shitty cell arrange recorder. Offer has been zip up on the news about it or whatsoever. I order what I saw after that my own eyes, I restrain never seen whatsoever such as it. Might you tell me what you think? "Author: Rob Hsource: submitted to

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