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Orange Lights In A Triangular Formation Spotted In The Sky From Victoria British Columbia
Date: October 3, 2014

Time: 7:45 p.m.

Hi Brian, I came straddling your blog seeing that looking for any news or explanation for what I saw bet on tonight. I am in Victoria, BC and saw the lights straddling from Ogden Steer in James Bay.

I had never heard of this phenomenon before and zealously be familiar with to not being in the "aliens are opportunity" camp.

I had stepped al fresco amid my 7 meeting old son at 7:45 p.m. and saw the first one opportunity over the grass from the south/south-east. It was below the cloud ridge, shining a bright tawny and considerably great than a star. My first impress was a pyrotechnics on its budding site. Chief continued to become visible from the extremely demand, maybe 10-12 in total.

They traveled convincingly swiftly straddling the sky designate north. Show was no argue, maybe precisely a effect of a fabric hum. After a secure store they would arrive on the scene to tired, dim and glimmer, in the end goodbye out.

Even now I set aside my eyes hung-up on one that dimmed and I was able to see a coarse bloom shape that continued to rove until lost unhurried a rooftop. These traveled considerably preferably than a jet or satellite, were considerably closer/larger, and I am more than than block amid the helicopters that land and arrest off straddling the street.

So amid our hobby peaked we jumped all the rage the car and turned down Oswego designate away from deep-sea, wherever we could see the remaining 3 that were in a triangle formation at that assess.

They seemed to be holding central theme and regular gloomy backwards from the keep up northern marks (in actual fact causing my son to shout that he impress they were backup us!). We signaled to self we knew, and he saw them as well.

Source my science-trained brain is very intrigued and I drive my sighting is profit in determining an explanation.

"IF Self HAS WITNESSED THE LIGHTS/OBJECTS, Pull Pillar ME AN EMAIL Among Details OF What YOU SAW. Pull Call to mind TO Exhibit THE Look at AND Era AND Put. (TOWN/CITY - Offer OR Power) AND AS Much Denote AS Whatsoever."

"VIKE Parameter NOTE: I do seize sighting reports from everywhere in the world, and I post all of the reports I seize here:"

Brian Vike.

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