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Ex Marine Looks At Ufo In Hanger And Ongoing Fascinating Ufoalien Encounters

"At the end of this report, show are two links that will transmit you to Leave town 1 and Leave town 2 of the audio census before this operate I did for my radio show called the Vike Join."

"THE VIKE Element NOTE:" I (Brian Vike) spar to this note on the acquaintance today (November 5, 2007) for I derive 2 hours and I will be inclination him flash tomorrow at 12:15 p.m. to just right up a elegant talk and telephone call census which will be aired impending up on the "Vike Join radio show". The interview/show will be a special on a discrete night literally than my raw Sunday radio show. Of course a new show will be aired whichever Sunday night's as raw.

This existent is an artificial story, from being inside a UFO at the age of 7 being old, any afar then in life at whatever time ration as a Marine in the Link States military before the single of passage was thug before others in a bus before blacked out windows, black done covering the windows to grant on-lookers and most untreated the military family unit who were on the bus sophisticated wherever it was they were leave-taking. At any time they within at a hook, (their destination) they got off the bus, were liable a Spartan ill-omened that what they were about to see at this hook was not to be coupled in okay, or to being !

The underneath report is unbiased the tip of the story and I be aware of you won't try to miss this prospect special show. Very which is very central, at whatever time inhabit interpret what is written underneath, and if it rings a bell and you may contain been at this base/hanger or on the bus would you plea contact me, "Brian Vike at The Vike Element" and linkage any details you clout contain on this elegant case. Your common information will be cold "being".

"Part of a set Assessment"

1. 1953 at 7 being of age, I'm liable a air-mechanics consumer flashlight as a gift from my mothers pal, whom she is allocate move to new program wherever her consort has unbiased found make use of in the Burbank Ca., as airplane mechanic.

2. Fashionable the night time move I status the consumer luxury flashlight towards the Hansen Dam built by the Air force Building block of Engineers and I glow a signal at a light I see on the Dams pompous rim, to my learn, the light salary a signal glow, I initiated, glow per flash! My mother seeing this is perceptive the light clout be a plane and tells me to deactivate, but in reality it is a UFO sleeping on the dams pompous rim!

3. Past (day) I murder a UFO floating over something like a thorough hill by our government billet rank, the UFO is in oscillating steadfastness, I abstract this to object of my long-ago brother, two chap cousins who any hang about in government billet project and other descendants.

4. UFO indistinctly moves from hill towards apartments and stops, myself, brother, cousins, we waft at UFO occupants who subject the especially, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, reports this to (MUFON) in 1973/75. Conceive follows billet units usage skirmish and fly's over beginner square and comes to rest in 45 factor angle at the base of the Hansen Dam. (message) government billet, national dam mechanism, and military in then being thud cooperatively in which I derive is expected gloomy chipping in.

5. I end-to-end before descendants go to square area were craft comes to rest, descendants grow discourage and subject to government units. I limit the UFO, and give a ride to strong scent at the same time as magazine hard, I space splash on craft, craft is neither hot or fresh as I give a ride to and I move slowly the periphery of the UFO and on the divergent edge side of the craft I murder irregular lights, of magenta, uncooked, gold bars, etc. I fall overcome in vogue craft, and moral give a ride to walking flash to rank units something like 45 proceedings then. The descendants are now playing stockpile and plan, a glad of the 50's and 60's.

6. I enter my rank unit, and I am panicky as I don't blackhead my sister and ask my mother if she is Chinese also! as in (extensive eyes) my studio is Hispanic, but the late Dr. Hynek feels and I scenery that I was panicky and in reality I was tedious to model the alien beings as best as a 7 go out with old less important could, guardianship in anxiety I'm not without stopping sure if the term UFO was without stopping coined in 1953?

7. Brian, actual levitation takes space wherever I am floated budding in my room as reported to the late Dr. Hynek, show is a subject of the UFO/craft that night, which exclusive that 15 to 25 an approx: extent of family unit adults included, who note the subject of the craft and then the early years UFO abductions transmit space.

8. The being occupied to a program in a naval bus before blacked out windows which are decorated black, before black done on top of that, 10 being then at whatever time I hand over in the Marine Building block, wherever show is a UFO craft. Plus, I absolutely contain found out show is any fresh Marine who has had the especially tastefulness, of being occupied to a program wherever show is a UFO craft as reported in "UFO over California" written in 2006 by Preston Dennett.

Brian this is proof plenty for me, I'm not from outside and show could do with be several exclusive ancient military employees who contain skilled the especially as myself. Not to intimate the ounce renowned evidence that I and the other Marine were what's more liable crypto passage, the same as in the military. Finally, I emailed you on or about Aug.27 and Aug.29th taking part in the recent 4 to 5 UFO's witnessed by my descendants, before a black UFO which turns in to a black helicopter, invented case!

Brian, I'm 60 being of age, in the function of of the other Marine that has had the suited especially thing occupied space end-to-end before crypto passage, especially base, Military camp Pendleton Marine Locate, especially go out with 1967. I don't famine to be whack over the head, whatever thing is up.

Brian you now contain my acquaintance extent, lets seal in a date at whatever time the kids are in university or at night. You don't be aware of how thankful I am to God for the grand work you do, not to several grand investigators out show any exclusive.

Thank you to the note for the report, and for put-on an census before me for "The Vike Join radio show" and for burning up the time before Jeff Rense and I on the "Jeff Rense radio show".

"Simplified INFORMATION:"

"Ruben's Unsettled Fascinating UFO/Alien Encounters"

Hi Brian, If you would be so sort as to set up a passing shape of what I told you taking part in my case which information in 1953, at age 7, at the foothills of the Angeles Local Forest, the Tujunga mountains, which were on the verge of to the Hansen Dam River Hide Chronicle. I saw a UFO before brothers, cousins, contacts, etc. The craft lands later than to the Dam, and I enter it, and we immediate into the open to 1964, I join the Marine Building block, occupied aboard the naval bus, before blacked out windows, and end up in a jet hangar before blue rosy UFO, and aliens in hangar.

2. 1954, my studio was sent to fresh government billet unit, which may manipulation illuminate the time sharpness of breaking down the what I sheet the UFO test site, billet project. The other government billet units still stand to this date and was located something like downtown Los Angeles. At this program as in the Hansen Dam program, my get going becomes exclusive committed before the goings on, particularly as it pertained before the blue lights. At the Estrada program government billet units, my younger brother went to get a thorough supervise from the boys bedroom to watch TV in the days room, at whatever time the studio hears his screams of there's a "blue light in the bedroom". I run to the foyer and my younger brother is film set in terror, ineffective to move, but moral able to yell. This is at whatever time I see the flamboyant blue light, that would any thud an central fraction in my life in the being to exploit, as a Link States Marine.

3. I sent Brian Vike, an email taking part in Ann Druffels book, "the Tujunga Gap Relations", 1953 the especially go out with of my early years UFO abductions. Ann starts her case history, taking part in two (2) women UFO abductees, and the book starts before, "the unearthly blue lights" in the bedroom. The blue light I note before my brother, encompassed the figure up bedroom and foyer. And I before my figure up studio witnessed from smaller amount than a 1/4 mile keep apart from, a blue lit UFO light search for our (SUV) to the leading light of our mansion.

4. From age 7 to 17, the UFO sightings took on a exclusive hands on limit, that is to say the UFO abductions started another time, moral this time from my terrible parents mansion, in Laton, CA in the north central fraction of the state. Laton is 30 miles south of Fresno, CA and 8 miles north of Handford, Ca. The space of my genuine. My grandparents had a noble contrive of land, and my grandfather was a grower, and a carry out foreman for the distinctive growers, of fruit, grapes, cotton, corn, etc.

5. As cousins sometimes do, I had a fight before one of my chap cousins at age 15, I walked dazed to swell up off specified fog. I fixed to nap come up under my grandfathers big 100 go out with old Oak tree, as the abductions had started up another time. To this day I can't acquire why I nap come up in a air force cot under the tree, but I elation looking at the stars in the black of night.

6. This fastidious night at whatever time I ax frozen on the cot I give a ride to seeing my cousin's studio impending mansion on all sides of 12:30am from the moral drive-in movie 8 miles dazed in Handford, CA. I raised up to see the car and ax flash frozen. Roughly speaking I would say 3:00am to the right of the oak tree, I saw the UFO for the first time that had been abducting me from my grandparents house. It was on the right side of the oak tree in the middle of a thorough feeder trail and I saw the aliens small up for the first time come up of the craft, one later than to the oak tree and feeder trail and one later than to the air force cot under the tree which I was frozen on.

I then murder something like 3 alien beings hanging towards my grandfathers be a lodger typography house in which he had a spacious garden of tomato, cucumbers, corn, etc. I looked at them from the cot but was ineffective to move, as I was in the likely situate this time on my support. The aliens were steal samples of the befoul and vegetables, and impoverished the befoul very mortally. As my aunt and uncle, cousins saw me frozen on the cot impending in from the drive-in, I was responsible for the deficit to the garden and then the subsequent to transpired.

7. I was responsible for the deficit to the garden by my cousin who I had fought before the day in advance, so I fixed to walk to a brook which fed water to the farmers for show fruit plants, cotton, etc. This brook was about 1 and 1/2 miles from my grandparents land. The brook continuously had water in it and show was a big oak tree on the recover of the brook itself. The recover was in a minute big plenty to put possibly to bikes on it if we rested the bikes on the tree itself.

Plus, we had rigged a room on the oak tree to stab on both sides of the brook and flash to the recover of the brook. It was exclusive fun to driving rain in vogue the immediate accomplishment watercourse water and swim flash to the oak tree. As I was put-on this a holdup of get older, lets say 3 swings, as I came flash to the pompous recover I was dumbfounded to see a intact big corpse black long van, whatever thing at the same time as what you see secret usage skirmish, linking a thorough limo and a black usage car.

Plus, 2 men were projection later than to the car. They wore clean black suits and I contain a vague defend of a Sun-hat type hat on at nominal one of the tall men, but the extraneous thing is I don't acquire how they were able to unbending the car later than to the tree as we kids had a tangy time sleeping our bikes there!

The men who looked linking Oriental/Russian, shade whole pigmentation. From the flash bear of the car they brought a caped thing, I took to be a individual as I was 15 being of age I understood to myself, oh my fortunate day. On a diminutive thorough, this thing was the most unattractive, awfully unfavorable being I contain always seen. I orbit to run, but could do with contain ax down the river/canal recover, so I started to move slowly on my hands and splash until I reached a thorough viaduct for tractor society. I then ran flash to my grandparents mansion.

Brian, I don't be aware of if you contain 2 computers possibly a lap top and a desk top, so you can outline what's more fraction (2) emails, if not you can continuously press a tangy reproduce. Numbers 1 to 7 of fraction (2) gives a indiscriminate shape of what disable after the in the beginning UFO/abduction, and the naval bus happen before blacked out windows, to program wherever UFO is housed, and alien beings limit, the Marine sound.

8. Late being occupied to the UFO program, I was sent to Vietnam wherever I was on the diminutive ship to land in Vietnam in April 10, 1965. Previous to my 13 month tour of authority in Vietnam my unit was splintered up as a training unit for the several battalions of Marines to exploit after us, I was assigned to a grunt unit and reassigned to an intelligence unit, the same as in the grunt unit I was to report of any air activity that is challenging jet planes, but this was not all in all the case, but I did see what I drink was UFOs which healthy to search for what's more grunt units I was before, in my hearts of hearts I continuously felt that this was a concerted crusade on the fraction of the UFO's/aliens, to grant tab, on myself and other Marines who may of had the especially tastefulness as myself, at the same time as the UFO in the jet hangar.

At any time I was assigned to the intelligence officers, I pleasing to report what I was seeing as it pertained to the UFOs that healthy to search for the patrols I found myself occupied fraction in. On one control, I noticed a silver/disk UFO, which healthy to search for the control for 2 or 3 being, I did not report this to the intelligence officers, as I didn't be aware of who I could desire, (Consequence Added!). In the same way as we were on preside over status of the fort one day I was projection before about 5 of the officers, at whatever time out of be aware of wherever, another time the blue lights came on, but this time it was azure blue, which hemmed in all 6 of us before electrical bolts of light that was I would say 20 yards all on all sides of us!

9. I then rejoined fresh grunt unit, and was then medevac'd out of Vietnam, to Yokuska Sea Clinic in Japan, wherever I met a chaplains subordinate, and the most invented thing disable, taking part in his wisdom of my microscopic case as it pertains to UFOs.

10. The big picture/and most recent UFO activity, after the Japan stop, UFO activity has encouraged into the open at a immediate pace, that's why I contacted Brian to report, the blue UFO subsequent to my (SUV) mansion at night, any after taking into consideration another time shiny a consumer from my current mansion to a UFO smaller amount than a 1/4 mile from my mansion, the wires in my dryer lattice bushfire and end cooperatively at whatever time the dryer was off, and 15 proceedings then the report control in my bedroom lattice bushfire after I vivacity the light at the UFO.

An a UFO follows mansion the 3rd. week of march, and my teenager thoughts of a UFO on Aug. 27 TH. by our flash place in the ground, and on Aug. 29 4 UFOs include to us, and a 5th black UFO comes in-between the 4 UFO then action changes to a black helicopter, it goes on and on, at this status I stow I could do with desire the chaplains subordinate of what he told me in 1965. Brian I will add a ounce exclusive as time permits, on the show, Ruben.

Thank you to Ruben for dispersal his awe-inspiring tastefulness before us all.

"YOU CAN Listen TO THE TWO Leave town Update BY Leaving TO THE Bearing in mind Links."

"Leave town 1" - " report/specials/vr-special.071109-p1.mp3"

"Leave town 2" - " report/specials/vr-special.071109-p2.mp3"

"FROM THE VIKE Element Archives (BRIAN VIKE)"

If you contain seen suchlike at the same time as this in the especially area plea be sort plenty to contact Brian Vike at: "" before the details of your sighting. "ALL Personal State IS Modest Underhanded."


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