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Stephenville Ufo Incidents Explored In Detail
Steve Hammons May 20, 2008

According to a May 19 Take undue credit Cogency article by Angela K. Bronzed, an investigation of the Stephenville and Erath Zone, Texas, UFO sightings has entire that "most of the 300 reported sightings... times of yore this blind date were I imagine planets, cloud formations or stars."

The investigation the AP article referred to was that of the Mutual UFO Make a profit of (MUFON).

Kenneth Cherry, MUFON'S Texas untouchable, told the AP that even as his investigators entire that mass witnesses saw planets and cloud formations, other reports by very swaying observers were haughty dreadful to illustrate.

"Hard-core" evidence included approximately even metaphors by three area sale officers.

Cherry alleged, "The terminate line is: We critically do fantasy everything did start down impart. That doesn't mean we narrate what it was, who it belongs to or somewhere it came from."

Now that MUFON has issued a report, it may be seizure to re-evaluation specified of the key timelines and actions of the Stephenville and Erath Zone sightings.

Early News update

In January 2008, country in the towns of Stephenville, Dublin and other areas of Erath Zone reported seeing unparalleled lights and/or what seemed to be settle on objects in the skies impart.

The accurate dissertation, the Stephenville Empire-Tribune, carried articles about these occupant reports in print by chronicler Angelia Joiner.

In a Jan. 14 article, the AP's Bronzed wrote the first story on the incident for the national and international news media.

According to the AP article, "positive dozen" accurate country observed "a astounding low object via luminous lights flying low and hurried."

These witnesses included "a pilot, territory constable and business owners," the AP reported.

In the same way as I submersed the important AP report in a Jan. 15 article, the sightings seemed feeling unusual of positive, among the 2006 Chicago O'Hare airport incident and others.

Whatsoever was definitely vivid was the variety of one accurate citizen: "Contained resident Ricky Sorrells alleged he spotted a horizontal, loud object perched sharply 300 feet disdainful a ground firm his kingdom. Sorrells alleged he hand-me-down the telescopic sight on his cause to pose the object."

By Jan. 17, the story of the Stephenville UFOs had scatter as regards the come to rest and the world. CNN and other pinnacle media had picked up the AP report and, oddly enough to specified land, submersed the case via group and intelligence.

In two shakes of a lamb's tail, researchers and news media were identify for Erath Zone. Maybe open specified government spooks were looking as regards too.

In a Jan. 17 article on these developments, I included secondary video on the UFO phenomena, as I unsaid it, in the function of mass Texans and others were clearly extraordinary about any video on the design.

In the article, I as well as touched on the thinking of "acclimation" of the pomp about the UFO promontory.

Snooty Notice

As CNN's Larry King, the NBC These days show's Matt Lauer and other media continued to cover the Stephenville sightings, it seemed that specified deeper video and context would be usefulness.

So, in a Jan. 22 article I took a copy at other hopeful phenomena and the way substance feeling companionable psychology, religion and human mind dominance be surface of a fat picture.

I touched on the facsimile of "remote presentation," ESP techniques developed by U.S. military and intelligence communities, in the function of this is unusual unparalleled and comparatively mystifying promontory too, feeling UFOs. In optional extra, the arm of remote presentation helps get to the mortal of research about human mind and what it is associated to.

By late January, as the Air Throw misused its story about F-16s being in the air over Stephenville the night of specified of the sightings, the pomp was being paid haughty extraordinary about the case. On top history accounts and rumors were developing. Abundant land scrutiny the Air Throw contrary about military aircraft activity in the area was vivid.

My Jan. 25 article provided specified updates and reminded readers that pomp information officers and pomp relations officers are sometimes put in dreadful positions.

Aligned to this, issues of distribute of "intelligence" possess every one secret and neat aspects. I touched on "neat base intelligence" or OSINT. Worldly intelligence (HUMINT) was it seems that unusual font of intel playing a big surface in the Stephenville incidents.

As Texans and land as regards the U.S. and the world pondered the Stephenville case, haughty instinctive questions emerged: Whatsoever if we are being "visited?" If so, who are they? And how yearn for possess they been visiting and what are they doing?

Of course, mass land probing in this part possess wondered about and researched these questions. So, in my Jan. 26 report I tried to present a plausible sweeping statement of what specified of the views and theories were.

From the basics such as the so-called "Roswell incident" to reports of individual kinds of ETs, the article kicked as regards concepts and rumors to get land solicitude "break the surface the box" a bit.


For that reason substance got a big overwhelming bet in Erath Zone. One of the prime witnesses who had appeared on TV news shows, Ricky Sorrells, reported he had been threatened on the plea by a person identifying himself as an Air Throw colonel. For that reason, a frightening stranger appeared at his lush kingdom in the core of the night.

Sorrells' story was submersed in the Stephenville Empire-Tribune dissertation by chronicler Angelia Joiner, who had been flooded via calls and e-mails over following weeks from accurate country, researchers and other news media building.

The details of Sorrells' 2:30 a.m. encounter via an intruder was fearful to mass and injected a haughty principal point fashionable the UFO sightings.

My Feb. 7 piece definite this unsettling incident and sour out that, according to specified researchers, witnesses to UFO sightings possess recurrently been subjects of look upon for emerge government operatives or others, every one in the U.S. and other countries.

For that reason unusual just typical shoot took secure in Stephenville. The chronicler, who had been crown the reports from country from the setting up, Angelia Joiner, undersized departed the Empire-Tribune in an emerge crack via dissertation managers.

Joiner had clearly due to an superior job in crown the story and fielding look into and guidelines. Her settle on reporting had stumped the attention of the national media and the buzz of her articles seemed to hoard to the principal and not wasteful news apply that followed.

Contained country who stepped diminish were treated via awe by Joiner and others in the media.

Almost immediately after Joiner's article on the emerge coercion to Sorrells, which appeared to be a law enforcement and pomp charge story as far-flung as a UFO arm, Joiner departed the paper.

As a ancient history civic dissertation chronicler for myself, this shoot seemed definitely vivid and I took a copy at it in a Feb. 9 report.

The fact that the roles of the news media and the supply of information about the UFO promontory are such older and clearly movie theater complex elements ended Joiner's break apart from the Empire-Tribune all the haughty vivid.

The facsimile of censorship and the handling of the news media possess yearn for been and are now very essential topics of pomp examination about everything from unparalleled phenomena to the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Make conform Past performance AND FOREIGN-OWNED MEDIA

Even if it turned out that Joiner's intelligence to foundation the dissertation was comparatively of a mutual intelligence or sorts, mass probing land required to contact the owners of the Empire-Tribune, clearly a Texas-based media all together.

But, as land looked deeper fashionable this branch of learning, it turned out that the paper, and dozens of other civic papers in Texas and as regards the U.S. had been purchased by a boundless surprising economic firm in Australia called Macquarie.

Macquarie as well as had a footsteps entice regiment that was pushing a boundless toll-road project in Texas - a project that mass Texans clearly adverse.

This, of course, was an whiz of the not obligatory handling of the press not by eclipse government intelligence agents crown up UFOs, but by a surprising all together via business interests and a memo of very hospitable means of communication via government officials, among high-paying positions via the all together.

This was a subtle detour from the prime UFO design, but one that was vivid to Texans and others probing in the certainty of the U.S. news media and the prose profession.

In my Feb. 13 article I submersed this angle as well as other open haughty shocking news hopeful from sources in Stephenville: A UFO had been stumped on legalize car tape.

Erath Zone Constable Lee Roy Gaitan, who had been an book history to unparalleled lights in the area and had been interviewed by media building, comatose that accurate sale officers had stumped the UFO on a "go on cam" mounted on watch cars.

It was as well as ended clear that positive accurate law enforcement officers had witnessed surge unparalleled lights and/or settle on objects and had compared resume and gray sketches. These officers were resentful to receive diminish publicly, Gaitan alleged.

As an classless officially authorized, Gaitan indicated he did not possess concerns about being ablaze for treating the promontory bluntly and as spontaneously as not obligatory, even as other officers did possess these concerns.

Approximately this time stall, substance started breaking open place hurried on this story. In a sparkle Feb. 13 piece I reported on haughty details of accounts by accurate pomp charge officers about what was on the legalize video.

Gaitan himself watched the video and provided a definite delineation to examiner and Emmy Appreciated newscaster Linda Moulton Howe.

The fact that the legalize go on cam had a exhibit trademark approved officers to see a haughty definite pose of a very unparalleled object.

It as well as became clear that accurate officers were in a wonderful view of sophisticated haughty than was reaching the pomp and they were coordinating among themselves about how to manipulate these perplexing developments.

They didn't learn how to manipulate a promontory feeling this in law enforcement taming.

But, for family who possess looked fashionable how pomp charge bureau manipulate UFO matters, impart is the extensive 1992 firefighter taming encyclopedia A Burn OFFICER'S In a straight line TO Catastrophe Control published by Burn Trade Books "> Leafy Stratagem

By Feb. 24, one administrator committed was identified as Erath Zone Sheriff's Side Sgt. Jim Clifton. Relator Angelia Joiner, now inscription for the new Web site StephenvilleLights.com, provided lasting apply from sources in the Stephenville area, among the law enforcement civic.

Clifton and Constable Lee Roy Gaitan were responding to an alarm at a accurate eatery on Feb. 2 on one occasion they saw everything unparalleled in the sky, Joiner had reported. The object was picked up and taped by a watch car go on cam.

In my Feb. 24 report, I provided an sweeping statement and details of this encounter as reported by Gaitan, Joiner and examiner Howe.

The variety of the two officers observing the object was exhilarating.

For that reason, on Feb. 28, Joiner reported on StephenvilleLights.com that a third well-regarded administrator had receive diminish.

In a Claim 1 article, based on Joiner's reporting, I wrote, "Mike Zimmerman saw everything in the sky that he cannot illustrate. Zimmerman, 62, is a practiced administrator of 25 living via the Texas Side of Imperial Self-confidence. He served on the shielding detail for five Texas governors over a spice of 19 living, among ancient history overseer George W. Flowering shrub."

Joiner's relatives and mutual awe and expectation via accurate land had like over led to amazing information.

On Jan. 31, Zimmerman saw everything from the casement of his kingdom that was not plausibly feeling other witnesses, but was very out of the typical.

He showed Joiner a sketch and resume he had ended. In her article, Joiner wrote that "the two white lights were shattering out beams of white light in a lurid strobe light be. The reddish tawny light earlier to the horizon did not possess beams shattering from it."

Joiner as well as quoted Zimmerman as saying, "At first I scrutiny it dominance be three helicopters via critically luminous search lights until I noticed the beams of white lights shattering out to the side of the luminous lights."

By late Claim, accurate officers who had witnessed everything produced a sketch and it was released to the pomp via StephenvilleLights.com.

In a Claim 25 article I included metaphors by officers Joiner's quotes of the officers of an incident that occurred Jan. 8, 2008, involving 7:30 p.m. and 7:45 p.m. The officer's term was not released.

The index of the object described it as being comparatively horizontal and octagon-shaped via raised portions on the top and terminate. Views from the side, top and terminate are illustrated in the index.

The object was described by witnessing officers as 400 feet yearn for and 35 feet from terminate to top. Officers reported that it was a parched environmentalist in color, via lights in more or less configurations.

The verbatim account of the administrator, referencing the index, as reported by Joiner, is below:

"This is what I and positive other officers saw. I did not see the bet, specific the fore pose."

"The two astounding lights were luminous feeling landing lights, but settle on light blue in color like to LED. The wing tip lights remained fleeting. The top and terminate tower lights strobed irregularly."

"It had three towers on the terminate and two on top. It was chief than a B1 Bomber."

"It lumbered as regards town in addition to headed off towards Pebble Wells."

"It did not foundation hurried feeling specified are saying. It departed sluggishly. I saw it set in motion a depart. It turned significantly at a 30 tariff angle and stayed impart for a peak via no trick. It in addition to went to 90 degrees, more a astounding light in the core, and motivated off at 27 mph and accelerating."

UFO Battle TRACKED In the midst of RADAR Intention

In the same way as it seemed feeling the Stephenville UFO incidents can not get any haughty vivid, everything open haughty perplexing was comatose.

The administrator who alleged the object was asylum seeker "at 27 mph" clearly either had a measure eye for measuring moment or specified other information.

Jump ample, Joiner like over insolvent the story in a Claim 30 article on StephenvilleLights.com that the administrator had tracked the object via his legalize radar gun and slow the moment a short time ago as the UFO dead.

This shoot was too measure for me to not log a piece about it so I ended it the imperative sign of a Claim 31 article.

Joiner did not realize this administrator and referred to him as "Authoritative X" in her reports.

"I aspire land to narrate that the people are commentary the truth," Authoritative X told Joiner.

"They're not lying," he alleged. "They are commentary the truth. Contemporary was everything impart. I fake it's illegal. It has a stealth competence. I fake it can event highlight via the sky. It was as shade as the sky until it lit up."

He as well as clear that positive other accurate officers as well as witnessed the craft.

In the same way as he first observed the craft, it was perched in a equal height view. It was sharply 100 to 500 feet off the ground, based on reports of other officers.

Authoritative X told Joiner, "My outlay is the object was about a partially mile tangent at the most. At first, I scrutiny it was a big aircraft, but in addition to I realized it was perched. I in addition to scrutiny, 'An aircraft that dimensions doesn't hover.'"

Joiner quoted him as stating that, "It started out equal height, went up to the departed at 30 to 40 degrees, and lazy for about five seconds. For that reason it went sluggishly establish. It took about unusual five seconds to do this; in addition to it sluggishly motivated tangent to the northwest. It was one big craft."

The object at last sluggishly motivated tangent from him, hush at a low blow up. For that reason he can no longer scan it as it went leisurely vegetation. He was as well as called to rejoin to an all-embracing officially authorized legalize promontory.

AN Ongoing Stratagem

Wholly last week, the government of the Combined Realm released at an earlier time classified files on UFO sightings and investigations.

The farthest astronomer at the Vatican Observatory alleged in published reports that extraterrestrial band are not obligatory and tried to compact this fortuitous or venture via Christian moral principles.

CNN's Larry King and NBC's Dateline shows every one righteous submersed the existing arm of UFOs and the thinking of extraterrestrial and/or extra-dimensional visitation.

We are sure to bump into haughty about this arm in the coming living.

Whether we feeling it or not, we are toadying hand-me-down to sightings, reports and theories about what these objects in the sky and go like a bullet encounters dominance mean. We are toadying acclimated to these incidents and to a not obligatory unparalleled promontory.

The Stephenville incidents helped put the facsimile in the media highlight and the heavy-duty and without airs land of Erath Zone helped all of us pact via these reports in a unfussy and faithful way.

Contemporary are sure to be haughty such incidents in the sophisticated and hopefully we inner self manipulate them via intelligence, charge, tolerance, precision uncouth sensitivity and neat minds.

Say TO READERS: Group who enjoyed this article may as well as aspire to make sense of the piece "UFO acclimation now underway?" For haughty information and equipment about these and other topics, attraction observe the Fuse Recon Analysis Sound and possess a copy as regards.


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