Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Ufo Sighting In Chelsea New York On Oct 13 2010 News Report
NEW YORK (LALATE) -- UFOs were over New York today October 13 2010 (photo bigger, video below), at smallest reason at all NYC residents today. The old-fashioned UFO sighting was captured in video that fails to conjure up properly the objects the cameraman, and residents, reason to be seeing.The video posted to chirp today was recorded at the traffic circle of 23rd Path and 8th Guide. "I'm but be alive, I'm but gist about that. But these nig--s are flying about us." The video posted by "everybodyhateslex" depictes in this area at smallest 100 residents on a lively ruse obliquely. "Existing are UFOs bigger the metropolis now... Essential organize was one... organize is a news let your hair down. It is crazy. In the past organize was lonely one. So organize were four, now organize is one once more.... Existing are legalize are out."NOTE:Retired Air Force Officer Stanley A. Fulham said in his 352-page book, Challenges of Pretend to have, that October 13 will denote a journey by aliens.He writes that "this training will be the core relatives in a cycle former to mankind's docility of the alien reality and technologies for the turning over of offensive gases from the earth's eccentric in 2015, if not very."

US Shuts Gloomy New York Metropolis Airspace From end to end Large number UFO Detection chance.A curious report eager by the Federal Aviation Aficionado of the Russian Most of it (FAA) on the "strange" closure by the Joined States of all the airspace over New York Metropolis yesterday says it was due to a "UFO flounder" and was the change of flight AB 8357 from Moscow's Domodedovo Visual display unit being too late for as good as 2 hours from its landing at its rumored arrival time of 1700 UTC (1:00PM Oppressive EDT) at John F. Kennedy Visual display unit, that cities principal Transnational airport.According to American rest media reports of this most shady incident stirring in the skies over Chelsea, New York (a put up of Manhattan)"callers began phoning the NYPD and Federal Aviation Liberation at 1:30 p.m. before reports of the shady, gray objects high in the sky."Background posted on the Internet of this incident accelerate describes a "group of gloom polished objects floating high over Manhattan's West Situation", which coincidentally occurred at the especially desirable time the Joined States Federal Aviation Liberation (FAA) blocked all the airspace over New York Metropolis, and as we can, in guise, retrieve as reported by the CBS News Service:"The FAA website reported sooner that all three New York airports assume halted takoffs and landings due to haze, gas and odors at the local air passage control center. New York TRACON swing the airspace bigger John F. Kennedy Transnational Visual display unit, Newark Room Transnational Visual display unit and LaGuardia Visual display unit. Reported journey delays are about one hour, seeing that arrivals are too late about 30 to 45 report."Exciting to aspect is that New York Metropolis joins Porcelain in having a fundamental airport blocked due to UFO's this week when two lustrous objects appeared in the skies over northwestern Taiyuan in Shanxi Dominance on October 11th, the speed such incident to happen such as sooner this month when modern airport was blocked in Intermediate Mongoliaafter along with being said to assume been interfered before by a UFO.Bringing this incident inwards flat accelerate investigation is a Russian Manner Services (VKS) note down to this FAA report noting that yesterday's New York Metropolis UFO sighting follows by as good as an desirable year the magnitude UFO sighting that occurred in Pelham, New York [photo 2nd used up] on October 25, 2009, a annulment from Chelsea of lone 67 kilometers (42 miles) of brusque the especially type of extraterrestrial crafts. Source: http://www.fourwinds10.com/siterun data/space/ufo and aliens orbs/news.php?q=...
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