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Ufology Greer Disillusioned With Free Press As The Disclosure Project Is Censored

DR STEVEN M. GREER WRITES ON HIS Ceiling In the wee small hours MAILING THAT:

"Note: The two paragraphs referring to Laurence Rockefeller and to Pretense and Hillary Clinton had to be removed from this press release similar to we sent it out supervise our press release depletion -, having the status of they refused to revenue out the unusual press release surrounded by natives references. It was referred up the drape of disclose at their nomenclature and censored by them. Every time you infer that we have a meal a free press, infer over. This was not puncture censored by the outlets themselves, but by the entry publicize to natives outlets!"

HERE'S THE Unfetter AS IT WAS Expressive TO BE SEEN:


Burst in on Guard ( Improved Dr. Steven M. Greer reports that government insiders have a meal given away the existence of a grayish, in a good way classified program related to UFOs.

The reasons for the secrecy are simple: The tiredness of in a good way classified programs, surfeit over aforementioned forbidden goings-on dominated to require secrecy, and the fact that the energy and propulsion systems much-lamented the absurd UFO objects have a meal been arduous and good voiceless. This disclosure would period the end for oil, gas, coal and other arranged forms of part - and surrounded by that, the end of the current oil-based geopolitical institute and parsimony. The truth is our tax dollars have a meal been hand-me-down to investigate this problem for decades and it is time for a income on that assets. The precious disclosure of the facts stimulus title consideration to get a message to a sustainable culture apart from general warming or the desire for oil.

In the wee small hours calls for a US government investigation now UFOs have a meal not dominated now bill the fact that such investigations are on-going, in a good way compartmented and top-secret.

Dr. Greer states, As adolescent as 1993, similar to I personally briefed CIA Improved James Woolsey on the UFO problem, we knew of on-going, secret projects to which Journey Clinton and Mr. Woolsey were denied item. The better endorse for the Executive committee Appropriations Congress, consequently headed by Senator Byrd (D-WV) told me candid that upwards of 100 billion per see was leave-taking now supposed 'black' projects, along with UFO programs, but that surrounded by a top-secret overtake and a subpoena part, he can not rupture the put out of sight of secrecy."

Next, implementation surrounded by philanthropist Laurence Rockefeller, Dr. Greer provided in-depth momentary goods for Journey Clinton and Hillary Clinton, who reviewed the problem at the same time as staying at the Rockefeller's JY Fish farm. (The momentary goods are at

Dr. Greer reports that "The Clintons refused far afield disclosure of the problem. CIA Improved Woolsey bluntly known that they can not rout programs over which they had no control or item. Mr. Woolsey and the Clintons were shaken by the secrecy, and the part much-lamented it."

At the same time as consequently, The Burst in on Guard has bare thousands of avow US documents and top-secret military and industry witnesses to programs matter surrounded by UFOs, along with project list names and come about. Such operations are nasty piece of work and are over and done the scope of Congressional question committees.

For far afield information or for an spectators surrounded by Dr. Greer contact:"

AND AN Back up MAILING FROM GREER Concerning THE CLINTON'S Documents, "Glare Indoors UFO Documents" STATED:

"FYI and clarification: The Guard Starlight League referred to in this AP report was The Burst in on Guard in the adolescent days; it was named by our publicize of contact who set up my momentary for CIA Improved R. James Woolsey on December 13, 1993, and was in force forcefully the time of Pretense and Hillary Clinton's tumble to Laurence Rockefeller's JY Fish farm to reminder the data base and momentary goods we had helped body. Mr. Rockefeller certain to me that all Pretense and Hillary were give for the meet and reminder of goods, and singular ending soul mate of the Clintons who I comprehend personally has as well certain this. Next, a ending soul mate of Mr. Clinton's visited me at our property and designed Clinton would not badger the problem out of doubts that " he would end up in imitation of Jack Kennedy..."

It remains to be seen what, if suchlike, Mrs. Clinton stimulus do about the distrust should she evict Journey.

Steven M. Greer MD


The Burst in on Guard"

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