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Curious History U S Presidents Believe In The Existence Of Ufos
Protesters march in facade of the Familiar Priestly Refuge (GAO) in Washington D.C. in 1995. All the way through the Clinton Direction, the GAO was probing documents about a weather distend crash in Roswell, N.M. in 1947. At this time, then-President Bill Clinton was exceedingly attempting to be over the truth incidentally the crash at Roswell, Scenario 51, and the alleged visitation by extraterrestrials. (Joshua Roberts/AFP/Getty Images)

Scheme theorists sustain claimed for decades that the U.S. government has been defeat evidence that extraterrestrials (E.T.s) and their vehicles sustain been visiting Dust and input in other questionable acts. Static, various Presidents themselves may sustain been believers in E.T.s and believers that current is finer to the unidentified flying object (UFO) phenomenon than passable cases of deceiving population."Seeing is believing," as they say. That motto was candid for at most minuscule one fundamental U.S. Precede who didn't be sure about in UFOs until he saw one also his own eyes. Nobel Silence Tribute bang into and fundamental U.S. Precede Jimmy Hauler had a UFO sighting era he was spoon as bureaucrat of Georgia in 1969. He reported the incident to the Universal UFO Headquarters in Oklahoma Capital, according to Yahoo Voices. In recent interviews he has invented, fluff also about two dozen others, that he saw a sharp, lively, spherical light in the sky that dead in vogue the west at about nightfall unconventional a Georgia institution. He doesn't state it came from out of this world. But he does state that it was trustworthy flying and unidentified, according a Larry King Keep going addressees. "I don't gurgle at people any finer being they say they've seen UFOs," invented then-Governor Hauler at a Southern Governors Parley, according to The Telegraph. "I've seen one for myself."

Olden Precede Bill Clinton has without a doubt everyday out about extraterrestrial life and UFOs and has been very friendly about his survey that E.T.s exist and that we're not alone. Presidents may not be rapidly privy to all the nation's secrets, as Clinton claims to sustain had aides research Scenario 51 and Roswell in the sphere of his management. "If we were visited someday I wouldn't be incredulous," Clinton invented in an addressees on Jimmy Kimmel Keep going that aired last month. "I passable group it's not equal manhood Day.'... It may be the lately way to unite this gradually not speaking world of ours. Think about about [it,] all the differences among people of Dust would peek reserved if we impression threatened by a space foe," he invented. Clinton isn't the first U.S. Precede to talk about an alien invasion area. Precede Ronald Reagan invented he saw a UFO in the sphere of a 1974 Cessna Mention flight over Bakersfield, Calif., fluff also three other passengers. He alerted pilot Bill Paynter to the UFO, which was described as being stretched and poignant at an incredible quickness. Reagan told the story to the Barrier Approach Journal's Washington bureau indispensable Norman C. Miller, according to the Revealing Cheep. Reagan articulated disapprove on the stuff similar to Clinton's. He invented in a projection to the Mutual Nations in 1987, according to MSNBC: "I now and then last how swiftly our differences worldwide would fade away if we were show an alien terrorize from unconventional this world."

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