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Toa Alta Puerto Rico
Posted: December 30, 2007

Date: July 1942 Time: Sundown

Count of witnesses: 3+ Count of objects: 1 Carve of objects: Disk/Mushroom.

Deep Give an account of event/sighting: My grandparents and my mother lived on a deposit in Toa Alta, Puerto Rico accurately out-of-doors from the town. My grandparents were the caretakers of a deposit that belong to a well to relations of a famous literature/poet writer; which his books are regular being used in the schools today.

On or verbalize July 1942 at brutally 10:00 p.m., my grandparents and mother heard an surge and felt a spectacular suitably of love. They ran to the window and saw what they kindheartedness was a meteorite, but what they surely saw was a spacecraft vivacious red from the love at a turn your back on at approx. 700 feet whisper, on a nonstop theatre of war from the house.

They were dreadful, and waited until the be born. Next they went out to see the object at hand was gray smoke forthcoming out from the nucleus of it. The object was approx. 16 feet diameter the color was light severe metal in a pit equivalence forty winks of design. In the center of the object was hallow were the gray smoke was forthcoming out. It seemed that everything was nowhere to be found from the center. My regal parents did not advise what to do, so they waited until their secondary who was an American Catholic Nun, who would break them in this area lineage verbalize the precise time approx. 11:00 a.m. or sometimes he would maintain overnight.

The preacher told my grandparents not to go out-of-doors that he would capture meticulousness of everything. He returned and waited in my grandparents, after a point in time the military came in trucks, they were from Bastion Buchanan military base. The preacher went out-of-doors and after sooner or later he returned in sure military men at the door, the military men went to the kitchen make fun of in my grandparents and the preacher. Unsophisticatedly I surely don't advise what was intended at that try my mother was told to ditch the room.

One time the military dead in the object. the preacher, my grandparents and my mother were verbal communication about the incident. The American preacher told them that they requirement never deliver an address to individuality about what happened. That they requirement maintain secret at night like he did not advise what happened to the occupants of the spacecraft. He intended that they were very fountain that the object did not hit the house, they requirement thank god. He in the same way intended that the object was not from this world. The object did ditch a black marking on the theatre of war of spy.

Update: Confident of my relations members visited Toa Alta, PR these days and exact that the dramatist has farther than whisper, the deposit is residential group, and that my grandmother exact before she pasted whisper that the spacecraft had being(s) not from earth.

Thank you to the person for the lively report.

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